217+ Funny Names for a Soccer Team

Are you looking for some funny soccer team names? Soccer teams often sport interesting and colorful names that give the game an extra element of enjoyment.

We’ll look at a variety of funny team names in this article that you can use for your soccer team.

These names will make everyone grin, whether you’re playing with friends, in a local league, or just for pleasure.

So let’s get started and find some hilarious and creative team names for your soccer squad.

Funny Names for a Soccer Team

Animal-Themed Names

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NumberTeam NameMeaning
1The Flying LlamasA team of llamas that are known for their incredible leaping ability.
2The Mighty UnicornsA team of unicorns that are known for their strength and magical powers.
3The Dazzling HipposA team of hippos that are known for their graceful dancing moves.
4The Terrifying TermitesA team of termites that are known for their ability to swarm and overwhelm their opponents.
5The Cunning KoalasA team of koalas that are known for their intelligence and strategic thinking.

Food-Themed Names

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NumberTeam NameMeaning
6The Hungry Hot DogsA team of hot dogs that are always hungry for victory.
7The Pizza PosseA team of pizza lovers who are always up for a game.
8The Taco TerrorsA team of tacos that are known for their spicy and fiery play.
9The Ice Cream Dream TeamA team of ice cream lovers who are always cool under pressure.
10The Sushi SquadA team of sushi lovers who are always rolling their way to victory.

Punny Names

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NumberTeam NameMeaning
11The Goal DiggersA team of players who are always looking for the back of the net.
12The Offside OutlawsA team of players who are always pushing the boundaries.
13The Penalty Kick PosseA team of players who are always cool under pressure and never miss a penalty kick.
14The Free Kick FreaksA team of players who have mastered the art of the free kick.
15The Hat Trick HeroesA team of players who are always scoring goals and putting on a show.

Creative Names

NumberTeam NameMeaning
16The Sock PuppetsA team of players who are always up for a laugh and never take themselves too seriously.
17The Rainbow WarriorsA team of players who are always colorful and vibrant on the pitch.
18The Space CadetsA team of players who are always thinking outside the box and playing with flair.
19The Pirate PosseA team of players who are always ready to plunder the opposition.
20The Ninja NinjasA team of players who are always stealthy and unpredictable.

Other Funny Names

NumberTeam NameMeaning
21The Flying DutchmenA team of players who are always up for a challenge and never give up.
22The Harlem Globetrotters of SoccerA team of players who are always entertaining and putting on a show.
23The Bad News BearsA team of players who may not be the best, but they always have a good time.
24The Bend It Like Beckham Boys/GirlsA team of players who are always looking to score a beautiful goal.
25The Zlatan Ibrahimović wannabesA team of players who are always trying to emulate the skills of Zlatan Ibrahimović, one of the greatest players of all time.

MLS Soccer Team Names

A men’s professional soccer league that is played in the USA is known as Major League Soccer or MLS.

The MLS is home to a large number of clubs. Do you need some suggestions for MLS soccer team names? This is our list:

NumberTeam Name
1FC Cincinnati
2Colorado Rapids
3CF Montreal
4Charlotte FC
5Nashville SC
6Montreal Goalies
7Austin FC
8New York Red Bulls
9Houston Dynamo FC
10New England Revolution
11Philadelphia Union
12Inter Miami CF
13Seattle Sounder FC
14Sporting Kansas City FC
15Chicago Fire FC
16New York City FC
18Toronto FC
19Real Salt Lake
20Columbus Crew
21DC United
22Los Angeles FC
23LA Galaxy
24FC Dallas
25Montreal FC
26Chicago Fire FC
27Dallas FC
28Sacramento Republic FC
29Minnesota United FC
30Portland Timbers
31New England Goalies
32Atlanta United FC
33San Jose Earthquakes
34Vancouver Whitecaps FC
35Vancouver FC
36San Jose FC
37St Louis City FC

Best Soccer Team Names

NumberTeam Name
1Pink Pandas
2Turf Kings
3Brute Buffaloes
4Hidden Pros
5Colossal Stars
6Calypso Cyclones
7Heavenly Pride
8Old Devils
9Blue Devils
10Red Devils
11Crazy Gulls
12Dangerous Foresters
13Mad Cadets
14Turf Queens
15Mighty Argonauts
16Brisk Braves
17Imaginary Dons
18Hot Pride
19Naughty Storm
20Flying Racers
21Mysterious Pros
22American Hurricanes
23Silent Koalas
24Bloody Bobcats
25Mighty Badgers
26Raging Kangaroos
27Running Knights
28Daring Danes
29Masked Majestics
30Platinum Bees
31Brutal Brewers
32Running Ravens
33Phenomenal Crocodiles
34Imaginary Monarchs
35Disturbed Flash
36Loyal Tigers
37Prideful Lions
38Insane Crocodiles
39Phenomenal Dons
40Eager Rocks
41Basket Hornets
42Cool Aztecs
43Legendary Argonauts
44All United
45Fire FC
46Old Commodores
47Merry Stars
48Evil Comets
49Steel Bruins
50Evil Preachers
51Cool Bobcats
52Legendary Blackflies
53Skeleton Crocodiles
54Active Raiders
55Clever Flyers
56Mental Stars
57Gruesome Gulls
58Storm Lakers
59Excellent Artichokes
60Silent Pride

Funny Fantasy Soccer Team Names

The globe is enthralled by fantasy soccer. We can help if you’re seeking fantasy soccer team names for your soccer squad. Here is a brief list:

NumberTeam Name
1Charming Angels
2Rowdy Cicadas
3Clear-cut Stingrays
4Hungry Apes
5Straight Crabs
6Colossal Slugs
7Wise Lions
8Quixotic American Robins
9Troubled Skunks
10Defending War Dogs
11Shooting Bruins
12Political Suns
13Energetic Warriors
14Death Wolves
15Alert Penguins
16Next Rainbows
17Gifted Raiders
18Furious Warhawks
19Temporary Minks
20Frozen Squad
21Kamikaze Cheetahs
22Magical Rhinos
23Metal Bolts
24Stormy Minks
25Rockin Rebels
26Crazy Wheels
27Brainy Skunks
28Alcoholic Pirates
29War Mammoths
30Poised Dragons
31Metal Boars
32Complex Flyers
33Shooting Vipers
34Swift Stompers
35Vaulting Tide
36Fretful Blitz
37Quizzical Southerners
38Juicy Roos
39Used Giants
40Skilled Bruins
41Nova Ambassadors
42Swift Walruses
43Hack Yellow Jackets
44Supreme Hurricanes
45Royal Stallions
46Spotted Indians
47Cruel Rabbits
48Unique Storms
49Forged Snakes
50Abundant Snakes

Kids Funny Soccer Team Names

Kids enjoy playing soccer, and they also enjoy coming up with original and imaginative team names. Here are a few examples of kids soccer team names to get you started:

NumberTeam Name
1Mighty Irish
2Cute Ducks
3Fighting Ducks
4Jelly Beans
5Red Daredevils
6Bad and the Ugly
7Lightning Bolts
8Alley Cats
9Wild Cats
11Nightmare Inferno
13Venomous Snakes
14Elite Cleats
15Ghoul Seekers
20River Hawks
23Always Ready
24All Net
26Goal Keepers
28Pink Flamingos
32Dino Strikers
33Black Panthers
35Blue Bears
37Scary Scorpions
38Wild Things
41Chilli’s Peppers!
44Red Hots
45Footy Canaries
46Ginger United
47Soccer Town FC
48Kick FC
49Soccer Studs
50Grip Kicks
51Demon Deacons
54Fancy Footwork
55Killer Kleats
56Red Wings
59Blue Blazers
60Silver Streaks
61Team Avengers
63Hazardous Hornets
64Bull Riders
65Celtic Girls
67Rogue Ruckus
69Bengal Tigers
70Crazy Comets

Badass Funny Soccer Team Names

Sports like soccer are awesome. Here are some quirky, entertaining, and fierce soccer team names for you to consider.

Choose from the list of cool soccer team names below if you’re seeking ideas:

NumberTeam Name
1A unique and magical team with unicorn symbolism
2Kick to Glory
3Team Unicorn
4Soccer Saints
5Grape Expectations
6Mo’ Money
7En Fuego FC
8Hooligans FC
9Thunder Bolts
11Balls Deep
13Inter Real Hustlers FC
15Pontiac GTO
17Junkyard Drawings
18White Sharks
19Red Foxes
21Thunder Thighs
22Big Horns
23Big Bulls
24Flying Balls
25Arsenal Gunners
26Goal Masters
27Kick-ass FC
28Assorted Meats
29Blue Meanies
30Dynamic FC
31Goal Diggers United
32Athletic United
33Legs FC
34Jacketed Kicks
36Rush Hour
37Wonder Team
38Serene FC
39National Eleven
42Tricolour Selection
43Fiery Ones
44Ice Breakers
45Wild Ones
46Blue and Yellows
47Red and Whites
48Red Sharks
49Red Lions
50Brave Falcons

Mexico Funny Soccer Team Names

NumberTeam Name
1Tortillas and Tequila
2Iberian Influences
3Celaya FC
4Lucha Libres
5Guadalupe’s Guide
7Atlante FC
8Rough Asaltantes
9Salty Rims
10Burrito Bowls
11Club de Hombres
12Burrito Battalion
13Hot Tamales
14Club Atlas
15Mexico FC
16Whole Enchiladas
17Nacho Nation
18Amigos FC
19Serape Squad
20San Luis Potosi
21Jalisco Jams
22Sin Miedo
23Taco Cats
24The Extras
25Catalan Crew
26Sociedad Chatter
27Dali Divas
28Lo Mejor
29Coca Juniors
30Boca Juniors
31Mayan Matrix
32Tamale Tactics
33Los Amigos
34Cha Cha FC
35Pinata Players
36Juan in a Million
37“The Strangers” in Spanish, represents uniqueness
38The Aztecs
39Vibrant Textiles
40Taco Bout Winners
41Ranchera Riders
42Beers and Cheers
43Salty Sisters
45Beer Pressure
46Buena Onda
47Drinko de Mayo
48Red White Green FC
49On the Lime
50No Way Jose

Funny Soccer Group Chat Names

NumberTeam Name
5Red Wolves
6Animated Spirits
11Passing Balls
12Great Lakes
13Defence Warriors
14Crimson Tide
16Great Lakers
18Winning Habits
20Rebound Rebels
21Fighting Hornets
23Dream Team
24Passing Balls
25Brewer Kings
26Bluejay Hawks
28Space Cadets
29Fighting Cardinals
30Dream Team
31Golden Knights
32Happy Feet
33Kicking Feet
34Soccer Kicks
35Beckham’s Bandits
36Silver Scorpions
37Daring Dragons
38Orlando Kings
39Colorado Ranchers
40Rapid Rocks

Adult-Themed Funny Soccer Team Names

NumberTeam NameMeaning
1Jerks and a SquirtA cheeky and humorous team name for a 6-aside tournament
2Ball BustersPlayfully referencing the act of teasing or challenging
3Nudist on StrikeA humorous take on nudists refusing to wear clothes
4Cleats and CleavageA fun and straightforward name highlighting cleats and attire
5Two Goals One CupA play on words, possibly a humorous reference for adults
6FC FUExpressing strong disapproval with a humorous twist
7Nipple BladesA humorous reference to cold weather affecting certain body parts

Random Great Soccer Team Names

NumberTeam NameMeaning
1Bro-kin-toeA humorous play on “broken toe,” indicating an injury concern
2Norfolk and ChancePlayfully suggesting that the competition doesn’t stand a chance
3Victorious SecretA playful take on the famous lingerie brand, signifying victory
4Team Last MinuteHumorously acknowledging that they work well under pressure
5TBD (To Be Determined)Keeping their team name undecided until further notice
6Porkchop SandwichesPossibly a unique and quirky team name choice
7Last Week’s LeftoversInspired by a lunchtime conversation, perhaps about leftovers
8Team NamePlayfully poking fun at the struggle to come up with a name
9LoL (Laugh Out Loud)Possibly self-deprecating, suggesting they laugh at themselves
10United ChaosEmbracing the chaos and unity within their team
11Combat SquirrelsImagining squirrels as fierce and fearless competitors
12The (Not So) Special JuansPlayfully questioning the number of individuals named Juan
13Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf SquadronA whimsically long and unique team name
14Nathan Likes Fish SticksA humorous reference that Nathan enjoys a particular food
15French Toast MafiaAn entertaining combination of French toast and the mafia
16Haven’t Got a KahluaPossibly a humorous plea for alcohol
17Whiskey Unicorn All-Star Ex-ProsA playful and extravagant team name choice
18ABCDE FCA creative and alphabet-themed team name
19The Team Has No NameSimply acknowledging their inability to come up with a name
20Weekend WarriorsDescribing a team that’s all in when it’s game time

Funny Girls Soccer Team Names

NumberTeam NameMeaning
1GrasshoppersAgile and quick, like grasshoppers
2Lightning BugsFast and bright, resembling lightning bugs
3PegasusMythical and majestic, inspired by the winged horse Pegasus
4Kind, Gentle, Loving SetsEmphasizing sportsmanship and kindness on the field
5Midnight RageFierce and energetic, like a sudden burst of rage at midnight
6Does This Skirt Make My Butt Look Fast?Humorous and playful, with a focus on speed
7BreakawayFocused on making quick breakaways from the opponent
8Chicks with KicksCelebrating female players known for their kicking skills
9StrikersKnown for their goal-scoring prowess as strikers
10Blue DolphinsAgile and graceful, like blue dolphins in the water
11Bottoms UpPlayfully raising a glass and celebrating
12Echo 4 FunEmphasizing the fun and enjoyment of the game
13PeppersPossibly inspired by the spice or the vibrant color
14Purple MonkeysPlayfully combining colors and animals
15Blue JaysAgile and swift, like blue jay birds
16Caucasian InvasionPlayfully referencing their team’s composition
17StingraysSleek and speedy, like stingrays in the ocean
18Eye Candy ChicksCelebrating attractive female players
19StormEmphasizing their intensity and power, like a storm
20Runs in StockingsPlayfully acknowledging runs or goals scored
21RainbowsColorful and vibrant, resembling rainbows
22Sugar PlumsPossibly a whimsical choice with a sweet twist
23EmeraldsBright and valuable, like precious emeralds
24Zipping ZebrasImagining zebras as fast and agile competitors
25XtremeEmphasizing extreme sportsmanship and play
26Kick ChicksCelebrating female players known for their kicking skills
2750 Shades of AwesomeA playful take on the famous book title, signifying excellence
28Anchor ClankersImagining anchors as unique and clanky competitors


How do you name a soccer team?

 you can draw a name inspired by your city, state, or province. Perhaps your community has a popular landmark or is the hometown of a famous historical figure/event.

The New England Revolution, for example, takes its name from the American Revolution that took place in the same region during the late 1700s.

How do you name a kid’s soccer team?

Kids Soccer Team Names
Mighty Irish.
Cute Ducks.
Fighting Ducks.
Jelly Beans.
Red Daredevils.
Bad and the Ugly.
Lightning Bolts.
Alley Cats.

What is a good name for a girl’s soccer team?

Girl’s Soccer Team Names
Twisted Sisters.
Blue Angels.
Shock Squad.
Cherry Blossoms.
Cheetah Girls.
The Fever.
Victorius Secret.

What is the OG name of soccer?

Why Do Some People Call Football “Soccer”? | Britannica
association football

Linguistically creative students at the University of Oxford in the 1880s distinguished between the sports of “rugger” (rugby football) and “as soccer” (association football).

How do I choose a soccer team name?

Decide If You Want Sport Type In The Name. …
Associate Your Team With Popular Things. …
Think About Things Your Team Members Have In Common. …
Add a Strong Adjective. …
Pair a Mascot With a Location. …
Use a Sports Team Name Generator. …
Make Sure All Team Members Are On Board.


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