190+ Funny Names for Streets

Are You Looking for Some Funny Street Names a reference to a pop culture icon, or just a plain silly word?

Whatever the case, funny street names can bring a smile to your face and make your day a little brighter.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the funniest street names in the world. From “Diagon Alley” in London to “Zzyzx Road” in California, there’s sure to be a funny street name on this list that will make you chuckle.

Funny Street Names

Food-Themed Streets Names

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NumberStreet NameMeaning
1Pie LaneA sweet place for dessert lovers
2Pizza BoulevardWhere every corner offers a slice of joy
3Bacon StreetA sizzling and savory destination
4Ice Cream AvenuePerfect for satisfying your sweet tooth
5Donut DriveA circular path to deliciousness

Animal-Inspired Streets Names

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NumberStreet NameMeaning
6Giraffe LaneA tall and unique street for wildlife enthusiasts
7Meow StreetWhere feline friends roam freely
8Penguin PlaceHome to a waddling community
9Bumblebee WayWhere you’ll hear the buzz of activity
10Kangaroo CrossingWatch out for bouncing pedestrians

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streets Names

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NumberStreet NameMeaning
11Warp DriveFor those who dream of interstellar travel
12Hobbiton LaneA charming, Shire-inspired neighborhood
13Lightsaber LaneMay the Force be with you on this street
14Narnia AvenueWhere wardrobes lead to magical adventures
15Vulcan StreetLive long and prosper on this logical avenue

Nostalgic Streets Names

NumberStreet NameRewind to the days of VCR tapes
16Retro RoadStep back in time with a stroll down this street
17Vinyl WayA groovy destination for music lovers
18Drive-In DriveRelive the magic of old-school cinema
19Arcade AlleyGame on at this street filled with vintage arcades
20VHS LaneA rewind to the days of VCR tapes

Nature-Inspired Streets Names

NumberStreet NameMeaning
21Sunshine LaneWhere every day feels bright and warm
22Waterfall WayA serene street with cascading beauty
23Mushroom StreetA whimsical path for fairy-tale enthusiasts
24Cactus CornerA prickly but unique place to wander
25Rainbow RoadEnd of the street leads to a pot of gold

Movie and TV-Themed Streets Names

NumberStreet NameMeaning
26Muppet LaneHome to the furry and funny
27Hogwarts LaneFor all aspiring wizards and witches
28TARDIS TrailBigger on the inside, just like the street
29Sherwood StreetA neighborhood for modern-day outlaws
30Minion AvenueWhere yellow and mischievous characters reside

Music-Inspired Streets Names

NumberStreet NameMeaning
31Jazz JunctionFor lovers of smooth tunes and improvisation
32Rock ‘n’ Roll RoadA street that never stops moving to the beat
33Opera AvenueThe vocalists’ haven for dramatic expressions
34Hip-Hop HighwayWhere the rhythm flows through the pavement
35Disco DriveStay groovy on this funky dance floor street

Fantasy Creatures Streets Names

NumberStreet NameMeaning
36Dragon’s DenBeware of the fiery residents
37Unicorn LaneA magical place where dreams come true
38Mermaid WayWhere the streets are always a little damp
39Griffin GardensHome to mythical creatures with eagle wings
40Gnome GladeA tiny but charming neighborhood

Funny Street Names From North America

NumberStreet NameInteresting Fact
1Billy Goat Strut AlleyKnown for goat races in the late 19th century.
2BoringHopefully, not as boring as the name suggests.
3Burr Oak CourtSounds like ‘broke’ when said quickly.
4Bucket of Blood StreetHistorical site for cowboy gunfights.
5Candy Castle LaneChristmas-themed street name.
6Chicken Dinner RoadDating back to the 1930s, a funny name.
7Farfrompoopen RoadOne of the weirdest street names in the world.
8Gravy Train LaneHonors a local business that made Gravy Train dog food.
9Haviture WaySounds like ‘have it your way.’
10Liquid Laughter LaneOne of Maryland’s many funny street names.
11Memory LaneNot necessarily effective in invoking nostalgia.
12Nanny Goat Strut AlleyShares a similar story with Billy Goat Strut Alley.
13North Sandwich RoadLocated in the town of Sandwich.
14Pig’s Eye Lake RoadFunny name, beautiful place.
15Pleasant StreetIronically named for a potentially unpleasant time.
16Psycho PathA private street, not exclusively for psychopaths.
17Satinwood DriveMisspelled as ‘Satan Wood Drive’ for decades.
18Seldom Seen RoadUnusual name for a double-yellow lined highway.
19Shades of Death RoadHaunted history makes it funny and creepy.
20Slaughter Neck RoadFunny or potentially scary name.
21Uptha RoadSounds like ‘up the road.’

Funny Street Names From South America

1BananalDespite the name, not known for bananas.
2BiobioA region with an incredibly funny name.
3CharityA port city with a humorous name.
4FordlandiaA rubber plantation named by the automobile giant, Ford.
5MercedesNo apparent connection to Mercedes Benz.
6SauceNot famous for sauces; “sauce” is Spanish for “willow.”
7TurboA small city accessible via fast boats.
8UberabaSurprisingly, has Uber taxi services.
9UberlandiaNo apparent connection to Uber despite the name.

Funny Street Names From Europe

NumberPlace NameInteresting Fact
1BestIronically doesn’t rank among the best places to visit in the Netherlands.
2Castletown BearheavenHas neither bears nor castles.
3De HulkNo link to the Marvel character.
4DieFunny and ominous name.
5DullFeatures incredible scenery and friendly people.
6Dumb Woman’s LaneNamed after a woman known for traditional herbs and medicine.
7FakenhamFar from being fake.
8Frying Pan AlleyA favorite for chefs.
9GrandsonName is a bit strange.
10Ha-ha RoadTickle your funny bone.
11HellA little piece of heaven.
12KissingLove is always in the air.
13MacroomNo Apple store in sight.
14Mad Dog LaneMay or may not have been a dwelling place for mad dogs.
15MiddelfartName unrelated to flatulence.
16MonsterNot as scary as its name suggests.
17MouseholeBigger than its name suggests.
18NiceLives up to its name.
19NowhereMarshy area that’s definitely somewhere.
20PalA great place to be with your mates.
21PettingMore than just petting animals.
22PoliceA funny name in English.
23Savage GardensNot related to the Australian pop duo Savage Garden.
24Shoulder of Mutton AlleyElaborate and funny.
25Silly LaneNot as silly in reality.
26SplitStrange-sounding name in English.
27Smellies LaneNot as smelly as you’d think.
28Squeeze Guts AlleyA very narrow alley.
29UgleyPronounced as ‘yews-ley.’
30Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-GateOne of the weirdest street names in York, UK.
31WormsName not about worms.

Funny Street Names From Oceania

NumberStreet/Place NameInteresting Fact
1Batman AvenueFun street name, no Dark Knight here.
2Bentley WayPossibly named by a car enthusiast.
3CasinoIronically, no actual casinos in Casino.
4Coffin BayFamous for oysters despite its funny name.
5Decimal RoadPart of multiple Mathematics-themed road names.
6Disappointment IslandsAn intriguing name for a group of islands.
7Equation RoadOne of the funniest street names in Salisbury.
8Fear StreetNot as scary as the name suggests.
9Frodo CourtInspired by LOTR’s Frodo Baggins.
10Geekie LaneA humorous street name in Perth.
11Loco LaneA funny street name in the town of Casino.
12Lorien AvenueAnother LOTR-inspired street name.
13MamungkukumpurangkuntjunyaMeaning “where the devil urinates.”
14No Name LaneA humorous street name from Brunswick Heads.
15Stalker RoadBoth creepy and funny at the same time.
16Tolkien PlaceFunnily named after the author of LOTR, J.R.R. Tolkien.
17Wagga WaggaConsidered funny even by the locals.
18Wildgoose ChaseA funny street name in Clarence Valley.
19WoolloomoolooOne of the most absurd names for a suburb.
20Woolverene StreetA funny street name in Hastings, Australia.

Funny Street Names From Asia

NumberNamesInteresting Fact
1Air ItamSounds like an airline.
2AntiqueLives up to its name.
3Gili AirSounds like an airline, similar to Air Itam.
4GuideVisitors may mistake they don’t need a guide.
5Hang ChatNice place to hang out and chat with friends.
6IndoreOffers plenty of outdoor activities.
7InseinPeople generally don’t go insane here.
8JavaNo connection to the programming language.
9MineHas everything apart from mining activities.
10My SonUNESCO World Heritage Site with a funny name.
11MoronFeatures an insulting street sign for visitors.
12NarutoLess famous than the anime show.
13ObamaShares its name with a well-known figure.
14PopDoesn’t play too much pop music.
15SideHome to historical ruins.
16SoloTravel either solo or in a group.
17UsaOften poked fun at with the phrase ‘made in Usa.’
18VanPredates motor vans.

Real Funny Street Names

NumberStreet Name
1Gay Way
2Stoner Avenue
3Hardup Road
4Jive Turkey Lane
5Jackass Hill Road
6Drury Lane
7Farfrompoopen Road
8Abbey Road
9Peepee Falls Street
10Liquid Loco Street
11Chicken Dinner Road
12Hell for Certain
13Candy Cane Lane
14Flood Street
15Noisy Hole Road
16Cannibal Road
17Blue Ball Road
18Bonar Road
19Ha-Ha Road
20Big Mama Drive
21Lovers Lane
22Turkey Cock Lane
23Succabone Road
24Error Street
25Buttram Road
26Tapeworm Road
27Shoot Up Hill
28Dick Drive
29Butt Hollow Road
30Old Possum Holler Lane
31Ragged Ass Road
32Butthole Lane
33Boulevard Avenue
34Slip Inn Lane
35No-Name Street
36Stair Way
37Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard
38Booger Branch
39Sesame Street
40Cockburn Street
41Titman Road

Weird Names for Streets

NumberStreet Name
1Butt Road
2Crazy Horse Road
3Penny Lane
4Winding Way
5Humpybong Esplanade
6Spaghetti Street
7Looney Tunes Lane
8Squabble Lane
9Dingleberry Lane
10Whiskey Dick Road
11Booger Hollow Road
12Ticklebelly Lane
13Zigzag Road
14Lollipop Lane
15Goat Path Road
16Bald Knob Road
17Pickle Street
18Doo Dah Avenue
19Boo Boo Lane
20Fickle Drive

Funny Dirty Street Names

1Weiner Cutoff Rd
2Booger Branch Rd
3Zzyzx Rd
4Butts Ave
5Chicken Dinner Rd
6Arlene Fuchs Katz Dr
7Skunks Misery Rd
8Manlove St
9Seaman Ave./Cumming St
10Dildo Lane
11Shades of Death Dr
12Gay St./Church St
13Wong Way
14Broomrape Ln
15Inyo St./Butte St
16No Name Rd
17Peepee Falls St
18Justin Bieber Way
19Bucket of Blood St
20Liquid Laughter Lane
21Psycho Path
22Penis Road
23Dumb Womans Lane
24Camel Toe Drive
25Divorce Street
26AAAA Road
27Cockburn Street
28Grope Lane
29Fabulous Texan Way
30Ha-Ha Road
31Man Fuk Road
32Mad Dog Lane
34Bad Route Road
36Smellies Lane
37Butt Street
38Break-Me-Neck Hill
40Knightrider Street
41Bell End
42Fanny Hands Lane
43Squeeze Guts Alley
44Why Worry Lane
45Back Passage
46Silly Lane
47Crotch Crescent
48Slag Lane
49Fuk Hing Lane
50Tickle Cock Bridge
52Savage Gardens
54North Piddle
55Shoulder of Mutton Alley
56Frying Pan Alley
57Titty Ho
58Sod Hall Lane
60The Glory Hole
62Hooker Street
63Butts Road
64Dix Road
65Johnson Road
66Lovers Lane
67Mucky Run
68Hogsback Road
69Easy Street
70East North Street


What are some examples of streets with funny names?

Some examples include “Silly Lane,” “Bucket of Blood Street,” “Fear Street,” and “Mamungkukumpurangkuntjunya.”

Why do some streets have such unusual and humorous names?

Street names can be influenced by historical events, local culture, or simply the creativity of those who named them. Humorous names often make places more memorable.

Are there any famous streets with funny names?

Yes, “Sesame Street” is a famous example. It’s not a real street but a well-known children’s television show set on an imaginary one.

Are there any guidelines for naming a street humorously?


Can funny street names be offensive?

While most are intended to be lighthearted, there can be exceptions. Local authorities usually review and approve names to ensure they are not offensive.


Whether you’re looking to get a good laugh or simply find a new and unique street name, funny street names are a great option.

There are many different types of funny street names, from puns to pop culture references to historical inside jokes.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect funny street name for your needs.

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