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Punny Skeleton Names

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NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
1Sir RattlingtonHe’s got a distinguished rattle.
2Bone JoviLiving on a prayer… and some bones.
3Skully McRibHe’s all about that barbecue life.
4RattleboxA box full of rattles and bones.
5Femur the FlirtAlways charming, even in the afterlife.

Musical Skeletons Name

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NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
6Mr. TicklesHe’s got a ticklish sense of humor.
7Bony StarkThe iron suit didn’t work out.
8Captain CrunchboneSailing the seas of the skeletal.
9Jolly RogerA cheerful pirate of the underworld.
10Rib TicklerHe’ll make you laugh, from the inside.

Medical Mirth Name

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NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
11Dr. McSkellingtonA bone-a-fide doctor of humor.
12Funny BoneIt’s all in the name.
13Rattle and HumA skeleton with a musical soul.
14Mr. Boney E.E stands for enigmatic.
15Count TickulaHe only bites if you’re funny.

Laugh Out Loud Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
16Lively BonesNever a dull moment with this one.
17Bon AppétitHe’s a connoisseur of bone-afide humor.
18Rib-tickulousLaughing is what he does best.
19Bone VoyageSailing into the humor horizon.
20Grin ReaperRib-meticulous

Hip Humor Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
21Hipster BoneHe’s always ahead of the times.
22Ha-Ha-HumerusHis humor reaches deep down to the bone.
23Skully DooA mystery even in the afterlife.
24Humerusly FunnyLaughing is his top priority.
25Rattle RoyaleThe king of skeleton humor.

Zany Skele-Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
26Ratticus FinchA literary skeleton with a taste for justice.
27Funny McBonefaceThe name says it all, pure humor.
28Chuckle ChassisHis laughter echoes through his bones.
29Humerus HooliganA playful skeleton causing mirthful mayhem.
30Boney TunesThe soundtrack to skeleton laughter.

Skele-comedians Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
31Comedic CalciferAlways crunching numbers and jokes.
32Tickleberry BonesA berry funny skeleton with a ticklish side.
33Guffaw GrimHis laugh can be heard in the afterlife.
34Witty WhitescarQuick-witted and light-hearted.
35Boney ChucklerThe master of skeleton humor.

Puns and Riddles Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
36Ima GigglebonesAn irresistible urge to giggle.
37Jokester JasperJasper the friendly skeleton comedian.
38Chucklehead CharlieAlways wearing a humorous grin.
39Skele-whispererHe whispers jokes to the bones.
40Grinny McGiggleGrinning and giggling in unison.

Bony Bon Vivants Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
41Laughing LorimerLorimer means “merry” – quite fitting.
42RattletravaganzaA spectacular show of skeleton humor.
43Mirthful MementoA delightful keepsake of laughter.
44Chuckle ConductorLeading the orchestra of comedy.
45Skele-pranksterA practical joke-loving skeleton.

Giggle-Inducing Skeletons Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
46Ribs RhapsodyHis ribs sing a melody of laughter.
47ChucklesteinA mad scientist of mirth.
48Humerus HilarityFinding humor in the bone structure.
49Gigglesaurus RexThe king of laughter in the prehistoric.
50Grin-digoA never-ending case of the giggles.

Comedy Cadavers Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
51Rattle RiddlerPuzzling jokes and enigmatic laughter.
52Bonefide ChucklerOfficially certified to make you laugh.
53Guffaw GhoulBonafide Chuckler
54Laughtrack LarryIt’s a ghostly laugh that haunts your humor.
55Bony BalloonaticA jolly skeleton floating with laughter.

Hilarious Haunters Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
56Giggletown MayorHe governs with a giggle and a smile.
57Chucklehead SkipperSteering the ship of laughter.
58Full of tickles, and laughter in a box.Crafting laughter from thin air.
59Punslinger PercyQuick on the draw with punny jokes.
60Tickle-Box TerranceFull of tickles, laughter in a box.

Grin Gurus Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
61Chuckle ChieftainThe leader of the laughter tribe.
62Hilarious HarryThe master of hilarity and humor.
63Skele-prankster SamA mischievous skeleton with a plan.
64Laughing LancelotA knight in shining humor.
65Funnybone FrankFrankly, he’s hilarious.

Laughing Legends Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
66Chuckleberry FinnEmbarking on humorous adventures.
67Mirthful MauriceAlways a reason to smile with Maurice.
68Giggle GhostA ghostly apparition of laughter.
69Bone-a-fide JokerCertified to make you laugh.
70Laughing LeonardoA Renaissance master of humor.

Skele-comics Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
71Grinny Van GoghA master of humorous impressionism.
72Chuckles the GreatConquering with comedy and mirth.
73Humorous HemingwayHis stories are full of laughter.
74Rib-tickling RembrandtA painter of joyful expressions.
75Chuckle ChaucerTales of merriment and mirth.

Pundits of Humor Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
76Sir GigglesworthA knight in shining armor and laughter.
77Hilarious HoudiniMagic tricks that conjure laughter.
78Puns and NeedlesPricking funny bones with wordplay.
79Tickle the TerribleSir Wigglesworth
80Chuckling CrusaderOn a quest to spread laughter.

Jolly Jesters Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
81Guffaw GalileoDiscovering the science of laughter.
82Chuckle ChaplinA silent film star of comedic gold.
83Humerus the HilariousComedy is his specialty.
84Mirthful MerlinA wizard with a magical sense of humor.
85Laugh-a-lot LancelotA knight with an infectious laugh.

Whimsical Wits Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
86Giggles McJesterThe court jester of laughter.
87Chucklewood ForrestA forest filled with mirth and humor.
88Grinny the GreatHis greatness lies in making you laugh.
89Punny PaulA master of puns and wordplay.
90Sir ChucklesalotHe chuckles a lot, and it’s contagious.

Bone-tactic Buffoons Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
91LaughstermindA mastermind of laughter and wit.
92Chuckletown CrierSpreading laughter news far and wide.
93Hilarious HarlequinThe colorful jester of humor.
94Rib-splitting RonnieHe takes humor to the extreme.
95Merry MauriceA merry fellow with a heart full of joy.

Jokers and Jesters Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
96Chuckling CharlemagneThe emperor of humor.
97Jokester JeffersonDrafting declarations of laughter.
98Gigglephonic GusMusic to your funny bone’s ears.
99Humerus the HootHooting with laughter all the time.
100Laughing LancelotA knight in shining armor and humor.

Chuckling Champions Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
101Laughosaur RexA prehistoric king of laughter.
102Chucklefest CharlieThe host of the grandest chucklefest.
103Grin and BarrettNothing can hold back his smile.
104Rib-tickling ReginaldThe official rib-tickler.
105Giggles GaloreLaughter is never in short supply.

Humerus Hooters Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
106Mirthful MozartComposing symphonies of humor.
107Chuckles the ConquerorConquering with comedy.
108Laughing LeonardoA master of the art of laughter.
109Funnybone FedericoStrumming the strings of humor.
110Guffawing GustavA laugh that’s music to your ears.

Skele-laugh Makers Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
111Giggling GaladrielSpreading laughter through Middle-earth.
112Chuckletopia TomCreating a utopia of chuckles.
113Humerus the HystericalA constant source of laughter.
114Laughing LinusAlways wrapped in a joyful blanket.
115Puns and NeedlesPricking funny bones with humor.

Bone-tickling Buffoons Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
116Chuckle-a-lot CharleneShe laughs a lot, and it’s delightful.
117Giggles McGigglesA double dose of giggles.
118Laughy-Lou LaughterSpreading laughter far and wide.
119Tickle-Me-TobyA touch of Toby and you’ll giggle.
120Mirthful MauriceA source of boundless mirth.

Hilarious Highnesses Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
121Chuckles the CrownedThe king of laughter and humor.
122Grin MajestyRuling the realm of smiles and grins.
123Laughing LordsNobles of mirth and hilarity.
124Queen QuipsterHer majesty of witty one-liners.
125Giggles the GreatA grand laughter monarch.

Rib-tickling Royals Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
126Baron BellowA nobleman with a booming laugh.
127Count ChuckulaA count with a taste for comedy.
128Duchess of GigglesLeading the giggly aristocracy.
129Lord of LaughterThe lordship of humor and mirth.
130Giggle-Count GroverCounting laughs instead of sheep.

Whimsical Wardens Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
131Chuckle the GuardianProtecting laughter and humor.
132Guffaw GalahadA knight in shining humor.
133Rib-tickling RolandA hero with a humorous touch.
134Laughy LancelotChivalry with a dash of laughter.
135Jester of JusticeMaking sure everyone gets their daily dose of laughter.

The Mirthful Monarchy Name

NumberSkeleton NameMeaning
136Chuckle the WiseWisdom and humor combined.
137Grin and Bear ItEnduring with a smile and humor.
138Laughing LouisA king of laughter and comedy.
139Punny PierreThe master of French puns.
140Giggly GuillotineLaughter even during tough times.

Funny Skeleton Names Male

1Baxter Bonebreaker
2Elliot Eerie
3Mortimer Macabro
4Barney Bonewalker
5Marty McFright
6Jerry Spinefeld
7Quincy Quickbone
8Chester Cranium
9Eddie Deadspear
10Jack Skellington Jr.
11Finnigan Femurson
12Oswald Ossington
13Albert Boneyard
14Monty Macerate
15Count Scapula
16Boney-Wan Kenobi
17Morty Macabre
18Walter Whistleton
19Val Killmore
20Ben Rattling
21Duke Sphincter
22Angus Skelehorn
23Leo Lefthumer
24Max Macabre
25Oliver Osteo
26Victor Chillsmith
27Ricky Rockpile
28Michael Bone-leone
29Captain Jack Marrow
30Norman Grinnington
31Harrison Humerus
32Rick R. Mortus
33Humphrey Bone-gart
34Christopher Walken Dead
35Jerry Seinfeld
36Mr. Bone-jangles
37Werner Bray
38Theodore Tombstone
39Stanley Stiffbone
40Sullivan Skeletooth
41Wallace Wristsnap
42Nefarious Bueller
43Doug Upp
44Dexter Grimbone
45Sammy Slenderbones
46Oscar Mortem
47Reggie Rattlebones
48Simon Skullduggery
49Thomas Davidson

Funny Female Skeleton Names

1Penelope Palebone
2Sadie Spinechill
3Skelly Clarkson
4Cass Kitt
5Phoebe Phantom
6Evangeline Eerie
7Dee Ceased
8Boney Raitt
9Grace Skelly
10Scary Poppins
11Abby Cadaver
12Wanda Wailington
13Ruby Rotter
14Luna Lament
15Clarissa Crypt
16Wanda Wallington
17Greta Ghostly
18Isabella Incantation
19Eliza Ethereal
20Delilah Dreadbone
21Willow Wraith
22Ember Eternity
23Sabrina Specter
24Seraphina Scarecrow
25Gwen Stiffani
26Ophelia Osiris
27Pandora Peril
28Matilda Macabrella
29Beatrice Bonehilda
30Violet Vortex
31Bella Banshee
32Morticia Marrow
33Jessica Bones
34Bona Lisa
35Amelia Scarehart
36Dana Skully
37Penny Perish
38Valerie Vanish
39Helen Skeller
40Meryl Shriek
41Skullary Clinton
42Sarah Silverman
43Stella Shivers
44Ivy Icicle
45Marilyn Monroe
46Violeta Voodoo
47Cat A. Comb
48Mariah Scary
49Ruby Rattleskull
50Scarlett Skeleton

Silly Skeleton Names

2Bony McBones
3The Bone Ranger
4Bonnie Bones
7Dr. Femur
8Femur Breaker
9Fibula Finn
11Ichabod Crane
12Jack Skellington
13Mr. Bones
14Mr. Ribs
15Ms. Clavicle
18Patella Pete
21Scapula Sam
23Tibia Tina
24Ulna Ulysses
25Vertebrae Vanessa
26Xylophone Bones

Funny Skeleton Names – FAQs

What are some classic skeleton names?

Classic skeleton names include “Bones,” “Skully,” and “Mr. Bones.”

Can you recommend a name for a clumsy skeleton?

“Clatterfoot” would be a funny name for a skeleton who’s prone to accidents.

Are there any humorous historical skeleton references?


Any suggestions for a skeleton name that loves music?

“Bone Jovi” is a great name for a musically inclined skeleton.

Do skeleton names vary by culture or region?


Can you suggest some humorous skeleton names?

Certainly! How about “Skeletor the Jester,” “Bone-appetit,” or “Femur the Funny Bone”?


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