287+ Funny Names for Mexicans

Are you Looking for Funny Names for Mexicans? Do you want to learn more about the unique and humorous names that people in Mexico have?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the world of funny Mexican names and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Now be ready to discover the hilarious Mexican names that will have you giggling aloud!


Food and Drink Name

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1TacoRefers to the popular Mexican dish
2TequilaRefers to the popular Mexican alcoholic drink
3NachoRefers to the popular Mexican snack
4QuesoRefers to the popular Mexican cheese
5ChurroRefers to the popular Mexican dessert

Animals Name

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6ChihuahuaRefers to the small Mexican dog breed
7BurritoRefers to the small Mexican donkey
8El GatoRefers to the cat in Spanish
9ToroRefers to the bull in Spanish
10PolloRefers to the chicken in Spanish

Pop Culture Name

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11Speedy GonzalesRefers to the popular cartoon character
12El ChapoRefers to the infamous Mexican drug lord
13ZorroRefers to the popular Mexican fictional character
14El MariachiRefers to the popular Mexican movie character
15El SantoRefers to the popular Mexican wrestler

Miscellaneous Name

16El JefeRefers to “the boss” in Spanish
17El GuapoRefers to “the handsome one” in Spanish
18El TigreRefers to “the tiger” in Spanish
19El DiabloRefers to “the devil” in Spanish
20El ReyRefers to “the king” in Spanish

Names with Adjectives Name

21PequeñoRefers to “small” in Spanish
22FlacoRefers to “skinny” in Spanish
23GordoRefers to “fat” in Spanish
24MorenoRefers to “dark-skinned” in Spanish
25RubioRefers to “blonde” in Spanish

Names with Professions Name

26El DoctorRefers to “the doctor” in Spanish
27El AbogadoRefers to “the lawyer” in Spanish
28El IngenieroRefers to “the engineer” in Spanish
29El MaestroRefers to “the teacher” in Spanish
30El ChefRefers to “the chef” in Spanish

Names with Places Name

31El NorteñoRefers to someone from Northern Mexico
32El SureñoRefers to someone from Southern Mexico
33El ChilangoRefers to someone from Mexico City
34El TapatíoRefers to someone from Guadalajara
35El YucatecoRefers to someone from the Yucatan Peninsula

Names with Body Parts Name

36El CodoRefers to “the elbow” in Spanish
37La OrejaRefers to “the ear” in Spanish
38La NarizRefers to “the nose” in Spanish
39La BocaRefers to “the mouth” in Spanish
40El PieRefers to “the foot” in Spanish

Names with Colors Name

41El RojoRefers to “the red one” in Spanish
42El AzulRefers to “the blue one” in Spanish
43El VerdeRefers to “the green one” in Spanish
44El AmarilloRefers to “the yellow one” in Spanish
45El MoradoRefers to “the purple one” in Spanish

Names with Numbers Name

46El UnoRefers to “the one” in Spanish
47El DosRefers to “the two” in Spanish
48El TresRefers to “the three” in Spanish
49El CuatroRefers to “the four” in Spanish
50El CincoRefers to “the five” in Spanish

Funny Names for Mexican Food

NumberMexican Food Phrase
1Taco Hell
2Taco ‘Bout a Good Time
3Guac My World
5Burrito Bowl-Down
6Nacho Ordinary Nachos
7Queso Que Bueno!
8Flautas of Fury
10Tostadas to Your Health
11Churros for My Churros
12Carnitas Comeas
13Enchiladas of Enchantment
14Tamales of Tomorrow
15Pozole of Power
16Guacamole of Greatness
17Sopaipillas of Serenity
18Tortas of Truth
19Taco ‘Bout a Spicy Situation
20Nacho Problem
21Burrito Bowl-ing Over the Competition
22Salsa-licious Salsa
23Queso Que Hot!
24Flautas of Fire
25Mole-st Wanted Mexican Dish
26Tostadas to Your Taste Buds
27Churros for My Churro-Lovers
28Carnitas Carnivale
29Enchiladas of Excitement
30Tamales of Tomorrowland
31Pozole of Perfection
32Guacamole of Green Goodness
33Sopaipillas of Sweetness
34Tortas of Temptation
35Taco-bout a Fiesta!
36Nacho Ordinary Nachos
37Burrito Bowl-ing for Fun and Profit
38Salsa-licious Salsa
39Queso Que Cheesy!
40Flautas of Flavor
41Mole-st Irresistible Mexican Dish
42Tostadas to Your Taste Buds
43Churros for My Churro-Addicts
44Carnitas Carnivores
45Enchiladas of Endless Enjoyment
46Tamales of Tomorrow’s World
47Pozole of Perfection
48Guacamole of Green Gold
49Sopaipillas of Sweetness and Light

Funny Names for a Mexican Restaurant

NumberRestaurant/Food Name
1Juan in a Million
2Taco ‘Bout It
3Nacho Average Taco
4Nacho Queso
7Chip Dip Hooray!
8Taco to Me
9Uno Mas Taquiza
10The Little Chihuahua
11The Golden Mexican
12¡Olé, Olé, Olé!
13Uño, Dos, Tequila
14Hola Comida!
15Adobo Connect
17Cancun Eats
18Cancun Corner
19El Mercado
20The Tequila Leaf
21The Aztec Chef
22Coyote Grande
23Aztec Del Sol
24Cafe El Jardin
25Casa Latina
26Las Tres Vientos
27Salud De Mexico
28El Cardenal Roja
29Maya Coyote
30Fiesta Mariscos
31Cabanas and Tostadas
32Masked Chihuahua
33Sombrero Plaza
34Mi Corazón
35Cactus Street Corner
36Sangria Fiesta
37El Mirage
38Bigotes y Sombreros
39Cocina Cancún
40El Plato Caliente
41Mayan Icon
42Mad for Mexican
43Su Vecindario Restaurante

Funny Mexican Slang Names

NumberSlang TermMeaning
1. CuateBuddy or pal
2. ChidoCool or awesome
3. Chido/a/aSuper cool
4. Chamaco/aKid or young person
5. ChilangoSomeone from Mexico City
6. Guero/aBlonde or fair-skinned person
7. Chingón/ChingonaGreat or awesome
8. Naco/aSomeone not very sophisticated
9. Wey/GüeyDude, guy, or even idiot (context-dependent)
10. Cabrón/CabronaCan be offensive or teasing among friends
11. ChamberTo work or labor
12. ChelaBeer
13. Chido/aGood, nice
14. Chismoso/aGossiper
15. CrudaHangover
16. ChorroA lot of something, like “a lot” or “tons”
17. ChismeGossip
18. Chiquito/aSmall or little
19. Pelado/aBroke or without money
20. PedoProblem or trouble
21. Güero/aLight-skinned or blonde person
22. Greñudo/aMessy-haired person
23. GuácalaExpression of disgust
24. NetaTruth or for real
25. NetaButtocks
26. NalgasTruth or for real
27. NetaExpression of agreement or encouragement
28. OraleCool or great
29. PadreIce cream vendor
30. Paletero/aHang out or get together
31. ParoDog (also used to refer to someone)
32. PistoMoney or cash
33. PlaticarTo chat or talk
34. ChisteJoke
35. PopoteStraw
36. RolaSong or music track
37. RolloSituation or issue
38. RopaClothes
39. TacosStreet food consisting of tortillas and fillings
40. TequilaMexican alcoholic drink
41. TrabajoWork or job
42. VatoGuy or dude
43. VainaThing or stuff
44. VergaStrong expletive, can be offensive
45. Yucateco/a11. Chamber
46. ZapatillasSneakers
47. ZopiloteVulture
48. TortaSandwich
49. TamarindoThe person from the Yucatan region
50. SopaSoup

Funny Mexican Group Names

NumberGroup Name
1Los Tacos Locos
2The Nachos Supreme
3The Burrito Squad
4The Enchilada Gang
5The Quesadilla Posse
6The Guacamole Fan Club
7The Margarita Mafia
8The Tequila Trio
9The Piñata Parade
10The Sombrero Society
11The Fiesta Fiasco
12The Cinco de Mayo Mayhem
13The Dia de los Muertos Misfits
14The Mexican Maestros
15Los Borrachos Alegres
16Las Comadres Chismosas
17Los Compadres Vagos
18Las Tias Locas
19Los Abuelos Rebeldes
20Las Abuelas Rebeldes
21Los Niños Malcriados
22Las Niñas Malcriadas
23Los Adolescentes Rebeldes
24Las Adolescentes Rebeldes
25Los Jóvenes Emprendedores
26Las Jóvenes Emprendedoras
27Los Adultos Responsables
28Las Adultas Responsables
29Los Amigos Fieles
30Las Amigas Fieles
31Los Familiares Locos
32Las Familiares Locas
33Los Vecinos Chismosos
34Las Vecinas Chismosas
35Los Compañeros de Trabajo Perezosos
36Las Compañeras de Trabajo Perezosas
37Los Jefes Exigentes
38Las Jefas Exigentes
39Los Clientes Molestos
40Las Clientes Molestas
41Los Políticos Corruptos
42Las Políticas Corruptas
43Los Futbolistas Talentosos
44Las Futbolistas Talentosas
45Los Luchadores Enmascarados
46Las Luchadoras Enmascaradas
47Los Cantantes Famosos
48Las Cantantes Famosas
49Los Actores Famosos
50Las Actrices Famosas

Cool Names for Mexican Boys

1AlejandroDefender of the people
2AngelMessenger or divine being
3AntonioHighly praiseworthy or valuable
4A supplanter is one who takes the place of anotherStrong and manly
5DiegoA supplanter, is one who takes the place of another
6EduardoWealthy guardian or protector
7FernandoAdventurous or bold journey
8GabrielGod is my strength
9HectorSteadfast, strong, or courageous
10JavierBright or splendid
11JorgeFarmer or one who works the land
12JuanGod is gracious
13LuisFamous warrior or renowned in battle
14ManuelGod is with us
15MarcoWarrior or defender of the homeland
16MiguelWho is like God?
17OscarDivine strength or champion
18PabloSmall or humble
19PedroRock or stone
20RafaelGod has healed or one who heals
21RicardoStrong ruler or powerful leader
22RobertoBright fame or famous one
23RodrigoFamous ruler or ruler of the people
24RubenBehold, a son
25SalvadorSavior or rescuer
26SantiagoSaint James, the patron saint of Spain
27SergioA supplanter is one who takes the place of another
28VictorConqueror or winner

Cool Names for Mexican Girls

1AdrianaDark or woman from the city of Adria
2AlejandraDefender of mankind
3AliciaNoble and of noble birth
4AnaGrace or favor
5AndreaStrong and manly
6AngelaMessenger or angelic
7CamilaPerfect or young ceremonial attendant
8CarolinaFree person or strong
9CeciliaBlind or sixth
10CristinaFollower of Christ or anointed
11DanielaGod is my judge
12DianaDivine or heavenly
13ElenaBright, shining light
14ElizabethGod is my oath
15EmiliaRival or laborious
16ErikaRuler of all
17FernandaBrave journey or adventurous
16GabrielaGod is my strength
17IsabellaDevoted to God or God is my oath
18JessicaForesight or to behold
19LauraLaurel or victory wreath
20LorenaCrowned with laurels
21LuciaLight or illumination
22MariaBitter or wished-for child
23MarianaThe free person or strong
24MonicaAdviser or solitary
25NataliaChristmas Day or born on Christmas
26NicoleVictory of the people
27OliviaA combination of Maria and Ana, meaning “grace” and “favor”
28PaolaSmall or humble
29PatriciaNoble and of noble birth
30PaulaSmall or humble
31SofiaThe olive tree or symbol of peace

Funny Names for Mexicans – FAQs

What are rare Mexican names?

What are rare Mexican names?
Grimaldo: Meaning “powerful protector”.
Balbino: Meaning “one who mumbles”.
Facundo: Meaning “talkative” or “eloquent”. …
Mireya: Meaning “admired”.
Abundio: Meaning “abundant”.
Eloy: Meaning “chosen one”. …
Basilio: Meaning “noble” or “kingly”.
Ramiro: Meaning “supreme judge”.

What is a Mexican double name?

Two personal names are possible for some people (like Hector Mara). The gender of the person is not usually indicated by the second personal name.

The first of the two may be used on its own in this situation, but not the second. The person’s surname is frequently just their father’s family name.

What are some funny Spanish names?

Some funny Spanish names include Idelfonso, Anselmo, and Eulogio

What are some popular Mexican baby names?

Some popular Mexican baby names include Daniel, Santiago, and Valentina.

Are there any books or resources about Mexican culture and names?

Yes, there are books such as “Ask a Mexican!” by Gustavo Arellano that explore Mexican culture and stereotypes

What is the difference between Hispanic and Latino names?

Hispanic identity traces its roots to Spanish-speaking nations, while Latino identity traces back to Latin American countries.

While there is much overlap, and many people use the terms interchangeably, they are not identical

Can names affect work and job opportunities?



Laughter has no limits in the world of Funny Names for Mexicans. Humor is valued highly in Mexico, where it is used to improve relationships and lighten people’s days.

These names, from “El Chido” to “La Comediante,” capture the colorful and positive nature of Mexico.

So, the next time you run across a Mexican buddy, don’t be afraid to laugh a lot together and maybe even make up your own silly name!

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