185+ Funny Golf Team Names

Funny Golf Team Names:- Golf is a game enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Although it is typically seen as an individual sport, playing in a group can help you stay motivated.

Selecting a memorable and fitting name for your team adds an extra layer of enthusiasm and a sense of camaraderie to any activity.

whether it’s a casual game with family or a competitive event between teams.

To assist you in choosing the perfect name for your group, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions.

Funny Golf Team Names

Funny Golf Team Names

There are a lot of ways to come up with a funny golf team name. Many categories are given here
Whatever category you choose, make sure you’re happy with it, because it’ll be your team’s name all season long.

I hope this is helpful!

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Swingin’ Jokers

#Team NameMeaning
1Slice of HumorOur swings may be wild, but our jokes are wilder.
2Fairway FunniesMaking you laugh is par for the course.
3Clubhouse ComediansWe’re the life of the 19th-hole party.
4Chip Shot ChucklersOur chips are crispy, and so are our jokes.
5Bogey BustersWe turn bogeys into belly laughs.
6Tee-total LaughsWe mix humor and golf, but no drinks are allowed.
7Swing KingsOur swings may not be royal, but our jokes are.
8Funny Fairway FolksThe funniest team you’ll meet on the course.
9Holey Moley MirthmakersWe dig deep for laughs and divots.
10Duffers with LaughterWe may not be pros, but we’re hilarious.

Punny Putter Pals

#Team NameMeaning
1Hole in PunWe’re aiming for laughs and birdies.
2Fore-Play ProsWe bring a playful spirit to the fairway.
3Putt PiratesWe steal your heart with our putting skills.
4Mulligan ManiacsWe love second chances, on and off the green.
5Tee-Rex TeamOur drives are dino-mite!
6Par-Tee AnimalsWe’re a wild bunch on and off the course.
7Caddyshack RedemptionWe’re here to make amends for our golf sins.
8Fairway to HeavenOur goal: golf paradise and lots of laughs.
9Swing and a SmileWe never forget to smile, even on a bad swing.
10Birdie BrigadeOur mission is to bring birdies and giggles.
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Hole-in-One Hilarity

#Team NameMeaning
1Ace of HazardsWe find humor in the trickiest situations.
2Laughing LinksThe only thing we take seriously is having fun.
3Greens GigglesOur putts are short, but our laughs are long.
4Caddyshack CrusadersWe’re inspired by the classic golf comedy.
5Albatross AnticsOur antics are as rare as an albatross.
6Sand Trap Stand-upsWe tell jokes while digging out of the sand.
7Tee-Riffic TrickstersOur tricks are as entertaining as our tees.
8Divot DandiesWe make divot repair an art form.
9Water Hazard WitsWe’re witty even when the ball takes a swim.
10Bunker BardsOur bunker banter is legendary.
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Birdie Banter

#Team NameMeaning
1Winged WedgesOur short game is for the birds – literally.
2Eagle Eye EntertainersWe see the humor in every tee shot.
3Par-Tee PluckersWe pluck jokes out of thin air.
4Fowl Fairway FriendsWe’re the quackiest team on the course.
5Tweetie PiesOur chirps are as good as our swings.
6Bogey BreakersWe break bogeys and break into laughter.
7Funny Fairway FlyersOur jokes soar higher than our drives.
8Gaggle of GolfersWe’re a noisy bunch but in a good way.
9Par-Tee ParrotsWe repeat our jokes until they’re funny.
10Mulligan MinstrelsWe sing our way through tough shots.

Mulligan Masters

#Team NameMeaning
1Swing and a MissfitsOur swings often miss, but our jokes don’t.
2Fairway Farce MakersWe turn the golf course into a comedy stage.
3Birdie BuffoonsWe aim for birdies but settle for laughs.
4Greenside GrinnersWe smile even when chipping from the fringe.
5Chuckling ChippersOur chips are as funny as they are tasty.
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Tee-Time Tidbits

#Team NameMeaning
1Clubhouse ComicsOur humor is as legendary as our golf shots.
2Fairway FunnymenWe’re the funnymen of the fairway.
3Putter PluckstersWe pluck laughs out of thin air, and putts too.
4Greenside GigglesOur short game is serious, but our laughs aren’t.
5Water Hazard WitstersWe make a splash with our humor and golf balls.

Bogey Bafflers

#Team NameMeaning
1Tee-rific Tickle TeamWe tee off with a laugh and end with a smile.
2Chip and Chuckle CrewWe chip in for birdies and chuckles.
3Rough Patch RoastersWe roast our game and laugh it off.
4Green MonstersOur monster drives and monster jokes are tops.
5Fairway PhantomsWe’re here, there, and everywhere on the green.

Good Golf Team Names

NumberTeam Name
1Birdie Brigade
2Fairway Fanatics
4Putt Pirates
5Tee-riffic Toppers
6Bogey Busters
7Eagle Express
8Greens Keepers
9Albatross All-Stars
10Par Patrol
11The Putter Perfectionists
12Mulligan Masters
13Sand Trap Slayers
14Golf Gurus
15Pin Seekers
16Divot Divas
17Chip Shot Champions
18Clubhouse Kings
19Tee Time Titans
20Iron Eagles
21Water Hazard Warriors
22The Slice Squad
23Bogey Breakers
24The Fairway Finders
25Rough Riders
26Fore! Fathers
27The Back Nine Bandits
28Stroke of Genius
29The Sand Wedge Wizards
30Putt It in the Hole
31Hazardous Hitters
32The Tee-rific Team
33Par-fact Pals
34Green Machine
35The Eagle Eye Crew
36The Masters of Swing
37Hole Lotta Love
38Fairway to Heaven
39Drive for Show, Putt for Dough
40The Pin High Pros
41Cup Seekers
42Fairway to Victory
43The Greenside Gang
44Tee It High, Let It Fly
45The Golfball Crushers
46Mulligan Maniacs
47The Sand Trap Stompers
48Bogey Beaters
49The 19th Hole Heroes
50Iron Sharpeners
51Tee-traffic Toppers
52Par-tee Animals

Cool Golf Team Names

NumberTeam Name
1Swinging Mavericks
2Green Envy
3Fairway Renegades
4Hole-in-One Heroes
5Putter Perfectionists
6Iron Mavericks
7Eagle Expedition
8Tee Titans
9Albatross Achievers
10Par Pursuers
11Maverick Masters
12Sand Trap Saboteurs
13Golf Gladiators
14Birdie Seekers
15Divot Destroyers
16Chip Champions
17Clubhouse Conquerors
18Tee Time Tacticians
19Iron Warriors
20Water Hazard Heroes
21Slice Strikers
22Bogey Blasters
23Fairway Nomads
24Rough Revolutionaries
25Fore! Force
26Back Nine Bandits
27Stroke Stars
28Sand Wedge Sorcerers
29Hole-in-Won Wonders
30Hazard Heroes
31Tee-rific Trailblazers
32Par-fect Pioneers
33Green Dream Team
34Eagle Eye Elite
35Swing Masters
36Love for the Links
37Fairway Phenoms
38Drive and Thrive
39Pin High Pioneers
40Victory Voyagers
41Greenside Guardians
42High-Flyin’ Tee Birds
43Golfball Gliders
44Mulligan Marvels
45Sand Trap Stormers
46Bogey Brawlers
4719th Hole Explorers
48Iron Sharpshooters
49Hole Hunters
50Par-tee Pioneers

Great Golf Team Names

NumberTeam Name
1Masters of the Fairway
2Green Dominators
3Birdie Blasters
4Putter Powerhouse
5The Golf Titans
6Eagle Elite
7Pin-Seeking Pros
8Par Excellence
9Iron Warriors
10Bogey Banishers
11Sand Trap Sages
12Tee-rific Champions
13Albatross Aces
14Hole-in-One Heroes
15Slice Strikers
16Mulligan Maestros
17Chip Shot Champs
18Clubhouse Kings
19Tee Time Titans
20Water Hazard Heroes
21Rough Revolutionaries
22Fore! Frontiersmen
23The Back Nine Legends
24Stroke of Genius
25Sand Wedge Warriors
26Putt Precisionists
27Hazard Hunters
28Tee-rific Dominators
29Par-fect Power Players
30Green Dream Team
31Eagle Eye Experts
32Swing Masters
33Legends of the Links
34Victory Vanguard
35Fairway Phenoms
36Dream Drive Dynamos
37Pin High Pioneers
38Golfball Gladiators
39Mulligan Marvels
40Sand Trap Storm Troopers
41Bogey Busters
4219th Hole Heroes
43Iron Sharpshooters
44Hole Hunters
45Par-tee Powerhouses
46Fairway Fanfare
47Dream Team Dynasty
48Ace Aces
49Fairway Fortune Finders
50Green Guardians

Funny Golf Team Names Dirty

NumberTeam Name
1My Wife Can’t Play Golf Well, But You Should See Her Box
2Morning 1 Wood
3The Ball Washers
4Every Hole Counts
5Back 9 Bandits
6Unskilled Hookers
7The Ball Knockers
8Tiger’s Wood
9The Fore Skins
10The Hole Seekers
11The Legendary Hooded Clubs
12Our Shafts Are Longer
13Dimpled Balls
14I’d Tap That
15Beginner Foreplay
16Hoof Hearted
17The Strokers
18The Long Shafts
19The Oversized Heads
20The Swingers
21Less Strokes Needed
22Sandy Balls
23The Swinging Foursome
24Don’t Touch My Shaft
25The Happy Hookers
26Balls Deep
27Long Putters
28Multiple Forecasts
292 Balls, 1 Hole
30Has Anyone Seen My Balls?

Funny Golf Team Names For Ladies

NumberTeam Name
1The Divot Divas
2Putt Up or Shut Up
3The Iron Maidens
4Fairway Foxes
5Tee-rific Ladies
6The Birdie Babes
7Par Tee Dolls
8The Bogey Bunnies
9The Mulligan Mavens
10Hazardous Honeys
11Swingin’ Sisters
12The Golf Giggles
13Caddy Shack Ladies
14Lady Putters Unite
15The Sand Wedge Sweeties
16Green Queens
17Putter Princesses
18The Fairway Flirts
19Par-tee Animals
20The Tee-rific Twirls
21Sassy Swing Sisters
22The Pink Putter Posse
23Lady Links Legends
24Swing and Bling Queens
25The Bogey Bombshells
26The Golf Gossip Gals
27Fabulous Fairway Femmes
28Par-tee Pranksters
29Dimple Divas
30The Lady Birdie Brigade
31Funny Fairway Fillies
32The Chip ‘n’ Giggle Girls
33Swingin’ and Singin’ Sisters
34The Putter Pretties
35The Mulligan Mistresses
36Tee-hee Time Ladies
37Lady Links Laughter Club
38The Caddy Comedians
39Green Goddesses
40The Par-tee Planners
41Hilarious Hazards
42The Bunker Babes
43Daring Divot Darlings
44The Golf Guffaw Gals
45Par-tay Pranksters
46Swingin’ Sass Sisters
47The Putt and Giggle Girls
48The Bogey Banter Babes
49The Links Laughter League
50The Sand Trap Shenanigans


Why should I choose a funny golf team name?

Choosing a funny golf team name can add some humor and personality to your game, and it can also help you stand out from the crowd.

How do I choose a funny golf team name?

You can choose a funny golf team name by using wordplay, puns, or by incorporating golf terms or popular golf locations into the name.

What are some examples of funny golf team names?

Some examples of funny golf team names include “A Shingo Ate My Baby,” “Jabba The Putt,” and “Tee-totalers.”

Can I use a golf term in my team name?

Yes, using a golf term in your team name can be a clever and funny way to make your team stand out.

Are there any funny golf team names specifically for ladies?

Yes, there are many funny golf team names specifically for ladies, such as “The Birdie Bunch” and “The Fairway Foxes.”

How many people should be on a golf team?

A golf team can consist of any number of players, but most teams have four players.


Coming up with a fun golf team name could be an excellent way to add some fun and character to your game.

If you decide to go with the most clever pun or name that is inspired by a famous golfing spot There are plenty of options available.

Not only will a humorous team name enhance your golf experience, but, it will make you distinguish yourself from other players.

Therefore, get your team together make a name that is unique, and pick your name to make them the talking point of the party!

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