280+ Funny Elf Names

Looking for some Funny Elf Names for your Elf on the Shelf or other Christmas elf-related activities? 🎅🎄 Look no further!

This post is packed with hilarious and creative elf names that will put a smile on your face.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Christmas-themed name like Tinsel or Snowflake, or something more unique and silly like Jingle Jangles or Elfie McElferson, we have you covered. 🎁🎀

So keep reading to find the perfect funny elf name for your holiday season!


Funny Elf Names [With Meanings]

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NumberElf NameMeaning
1FizzlepopLoves sparkling things
2SnickersnackAlways snacking
3TinkerbelleA little tinkering elf
4GiggletwirlCan’t stop giggling
5BumbleberryEnjoys berry foraging
6WhimsywhirlFull of whimsical ideas
7DimpleplumCute dimpled cheeks
8ZephyrflameFire-loving elf
9SprinkletoesLoves dancing in dew
10WobbleglimmerA bit unsteady
11Glitter sparkleFestive and musical
12PuddingpuffSweet and fluffy
13DazzlewhiskShiny, quick whisker
14MirthshadowBrings laughter and joy
15WinkerdoodleA master of winks
16GlimmeringShines like a diamond
17GobstopperAlways chewing sweets
18PeriwinkleA lovely shade of blue
19FancifulfeetFancy, dancing steps
20LullabywhisperSoft-spoken and soothing
21BubblegumdropSweet as bubblegum
22FiddlesticksLoves playing the fiddle
23JovialtrillA happy, musical elf
24MuffinfluffAs soft as a muffin
25Sweet songShimmering wings
26SnugglepuffAlways hugging
27TinseltoesShiny and graceful toes
28WafflewhisperWhispers like waffles
29ChortlesnortLaughs with snorts
30TwinkledustLeaves trails of sparkle
31MarshmallowAs sweet as a marshmallow
32FlutterjoyBrings joy like a flutter
33DoodleberryLoves to doodle
34NoodlewhirlWhirls like noodles
35TicklefeatherFeather-light tickles
36GingersnapSnappy and gingery
37GumshoeSings sweet melodies
38BubblesnuggleEnjoys bubbles and snuggles
39TidbitwhisperWhispers little tidbits
40GlistenfrostFrosty and glistening
41GummyshoeSticky yet stylish shoe
42SerenadeleafSings to the leaves
43TumblegigglesTumbles with laughter
44DimplesprinkleSprinkles laughter
45DazzlewhisperWhispers dazzles
46CuddleblossomBlossoms through cuddles
47WobbletwinkleWobbles and twinkles
48ChuckleberryLaughs while berry-picking
49SugarplumSweet as a sugarplum
50JesterwhirlWhirls like a jester

Funny Elf Names Dnd

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NumberElf NameMeaning
1Bumbleberry FizzletopEnjoys berry-flavored fizzy drinks
2Tickleleaf GoldengiggleLaughs while tickling leaves
3Glimmerwhisk TangletoesShiny hair and tangled feet
4Snickersnap MoonshadowLaughs at night’s moonlit antics
5Dazzleplume PuddingfootHas a dazzling feathered cap and loves puddings
6Whimsywhirl TinselwhisperWhirls with whimsical thoughts and whispers like tinsel
7Chuckleberry TwinklebloomChuckles while making berries twinkle like stars
8Zephyrflame GiggletwirlDances in the wind’s gentle flames and can’t stop giggling
9Fiddlesticks LullabywhisperMasters the fiddle and whispers soothing lullabies
10Bubblesnuggle StarbrightSnuggles while blowing star-shaped bubbles
11Gobstopper DimpleplumLoves gobstoppers and has cute dimples
12Wafflewhisper FancifulfeetWhispers like waffles and dances with fancy footwork
13Sprinkletoes WinkerdoodleSprinkles fairy dust on their toes and winks playfully
14Periwinkle SnugglepuffSnuggles and has a lovely shade of blue
15Fancypants JinglebellsWears fancy pants and loves jingling bells
16Gingersnap TumblegigglesSnaps with ginger flavor and tumbles with laughter
17Marshmallow FlutterjoyFlutters with marshmallow softness and brings joy
18Muffinfluff TwinkledustSoft as a muffin and leaves twinkling dust
19Puddingpuff NoodlewhirlAs sweet as pudding and whirls like noodles
20Sweetsong TinseltoesSings sweet melodies and has tinsel-like toes
21Gobblefunk DoodleberryFancypants Jingle bells
22Whiskers frizzle like fire and serenade the leavesShines with glimmering wings and brings mirth and shadow
23Whiskerfrizzle SerenadeleafWhispers chuckles and blossom through cuddles
24Chucklewhisper CuddleblossomSpeaks in a funny gobble funk and loves doodling berries
25Giggletop SugarplumTops the charts with giggles and is as sweet as sugarplum
26Bumblegumdrop Wobbletwinkle
27Dimplesprinkle Dazzlewhisper
28Ticklefeather Glittersparkle
29Noodlejingle Tidbitwhisper
30Lullabyglimpse Glistenfrost
In the whimsical world of funny, elf names carry a charm that enchants the listener with a touch of magic and humor.

Funny Elf Names Ideas List

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NumberElf Name
1Jingle Bells
2Jingles McJingles
3Elfie McElferson
4Peppermint Pat
5Ginger Snap
8Dancer Shimmer
9Sleighbell Sue
10Holly Jolly
11Snowflake Sam
12Elfy McFrolfy
13Candy Cane
14Sprinkle Sprig
15Frosty the Snowman
16Jingle Bellingham
17Holly Wobblebottom
18Kris Kringle
19Snowman Hopper
20Glimmer Spells
21Glitter Toes
22Cheerful Chuckles
23Jingles McJangly
24Elfin Weasel
25Jumper Tinselmane
26Santa’s Little Helper
27Elfy McElferson
28Christmas Carol
29Joyful Jumper
30Mistletoe Maven
31Ho Ho Hopper
32Jolly Goodfellow
33Christmas Bells
34Sparkle Shine
35Cane Carl
37Glittery Giggles
38Mischievous McKringle
39Naughty Elf
40Twinkle bell
41Sleigh Nutcracker
43Mistletoe Magic
44Tinkle Toes

Funny Blood Elf Names

NumberBlood Elf Name
1Blood Elf McBloodface
2Sunwell Surfer
3Fel-Reaver Rider
4Mana Addict
5Void Elf Void-er
6Blood Elf Bloodbath
7Blood Elf Prince of Darkness
8Blood Elf Princess of Pain
9Blood Elf Ranger Ronin
10Blood Elf Rogue Raider
11Blood Elf Wizard of the Arcane
12Blood Elf Cleric of the Crimson Flame
13Blood Elf Druid of the Felwood
14Blood Elf Barbarian Berserker
15Blood Elf Paladin of the Blood God
16Blood Elf Monk of the Shadowed Fist
17Blood Elf Bard of the Blood-Curdling Cry
18Sanguine Sally
19Felblood Fred
20Voidfang Vanessa
21Sunstrider Steve
22Bloodmoon Betty
23Felheart Frankie
24Voidwhisperer Wanda
25Sunfury Sam

Funny Elf Names For Adults 

In the world of adults, elf names take on a more sophisticated and witty charm. From playful puns to clever twists, these names reflect the adult’s sense of humor and love for the fantastical.

NumberElf Name
2Berry Fizz
4Clove Sparklebottom
5Prancer Gigglesnort
6Mischief Reindeerbottom
7Nutcracker Sillyboots
8Snowflake Dizzydoodle
10Santa’s Little Yuckface
11Frosty the Goofball
12Elfred the Giggler
14Fizzlesnap Dazzle
15Tinsel Toes Tinklebottom
16Sprinkle Sprinklesnoot
17Hoppy the Grinster
18Glee Grinch
19Bippity Fanciful Fae
21Mirthful Mistle
22Sillysprinkles the Elf
23Blitzen Fizzynose
24Nibbles Tinglesnoot
25Gigglesnort the Prankster
26Wigglebottom the Schnozzler
27Nutcracker Noel
28Mighty Mirth
29Boppity Boozer
30Giggle snort the Prankster

Funny Elf Names Wow

NumberElf Name
1Elfie McElferson
2Snowflake Sparkle
3Jingle Jangles
4Tinsel Tangle
5Candy Cane Calamity
6Mistletoe Mischief
7Sugarplum Shenanigans
8North Pole Nuisance
9Winter Wonderland Whimsy
10Treehugger the Elf
11Mistletoe Slayer
12Eggnog Addict
13Fruitcake Fanatic
14Santa’s Little Helper with an Attitude
15Elf on the Shelf Gone Wild
16The Elf Who Stole Christmas
17Krampus’s Elf
18Elf Who Hates Christmas
19Elfie the Wise (But Not Very Wise)
20Gimble Timbers the Elf
21Tinkerbell’s Evil Twin
22Peter Pan’s Lost Elf
23Legolas’s Less Talented Cousin
24Tauriel’s Annoying Sidekick
25Gimli’s Elf BFF

Funny Drunk Elf Names

NumberElf Name
30Glitter glue

Funny Elf Names Dirty

NumberElf Name
1Mischievous Mistletoe
2Naughty Sloppier
3Filthy Finnegan
4Grimey Grotto
5Perverse Prancer
6Lewd Lumey
7Sinister Snowball
8Raunchy Rudolff
9Salty Sprinkle
10Vulgar Vixen
11Putrid Pixy
12Bawdy Blitzen
13Pernicious Pepper
14Lusty Lumi
15Greasy Glitter
16Wanton Wibble
17Indecent Iggy
18Sleazy Starlight
19Unsavory Umbridge
20Lecherous Lumpy
21Dastardly Dingle
22Prurient Pringles
23Scurrilous Smee
24Risqué Rudolph
25Obscene Olaf
26Carnal Cedar
27Coarse Comet
28Salacious Snowman
29Obscure Olive
30Saucy Sable

Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Names 

NumberElf Name
1Santa’s Little Spy
2Shelfie McShelf Face
3Naughty Noggin
4Tinkles the Troublemaker
5Elfie McElf Face
6Scrooge McDreadful
7The Great Snowflake
8Sprinkles the Spritely
9Mr. Mischievous
10Icicle the Icicler
11The Jolly Jester
12Double Trouble
13Mr. Twinkle Toes
14Prancer the Prankster
15The Christmas Imp
17Chippie the Chipper
18Snowy the Snowball
19The Christmas Cheerleader
21Sir Elf-A-Lot
22Dashing through the Snowman
23The Christmas Commando
25The Snowman
26Mr. Mistletoe
27The Tinkerer
28Jolly Old Saint Nickleby
29Dash the Dash-er
30Sugarplum Fairy

Funny Elf Names – FAQs

How do I choose an elf name?

Get Tips to Help You Name Your Scout Elf and Elf Pets®
Be Inspired by Christmas Cheer. Take a look around at all of the Christmas décor surrounding you for the perfect yuletide-inspired name. …
Get Creative. …
Pick More Than One. …
Play Off of Their Personality. …
Use Funny Words. …
Use Your Own North Pole Name.

What are some popular fantasy elf names?

Some popular fantasy elf names include Legolas, Arwen, Galadriel, and Elrond from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” series.

How do I come up with a fantasy elf name?

You can use an online elf name generator, combine different words or names to create a unique name or use a name from a fantasy book or movie.

Can I use a real name as a fantasy elf name?


What are some good fantasy elf names for a male character?

Some good fantasy elf names for a male character include Legolas, Elrond, Thranduil, and Haldir.


Funny Elf names can be a great way to add some humor and whimsy to your holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for a name for your elf on the shelf, your favorite Christmas decoration, or even yourself.

There’s sure to be a funny elf name that’s perfect for you.

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