192+ Funny Chinese Names

Are you Looking for funny Chinese names? Do you want to learn more about the unique and humorous names that people in China have?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the world of funny Chinese names and provide you with all the information you need to know.

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Names Based on Homophones

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1Yu Stin Ki PuYou stinky poo!
2Soh Hai AhhThat high?
3Kum Hia NaoCome here now?
4No Toh KingPlease be quiet.
5Yeo Mah MainYou are my man.
6Yu Der ManYou are the man.
7Lei Ying LoLaying low.
8Nau Kien TokNow you can talk.
9Lei Yit OnnLay it on.
10Yew Ting Ai FooYou think I am a fool?
11Yu Jho KingYou are joking?
12So Su MiSo sue me!!
13Wai Yu Kum NaoWhy did you come now?
14Ai Ann ChoiI enjoy it!
15Ai Noh Ah FooI am not a fool.
16Chin Tu FatSomeone needs to go on a diet?
17Fan Nie GerFunny girl.
18Sei Sum TingWhy so quiet?
19Bah Di FooBloody fool.
20Soh Ken WeeSo can we.
21Wai Go NaoWhy go now.
22Wong Wei PooIs there a wrong way to poop?
23Sem TingNot so different.
24Shu Man GoWill you please go?
25Yang No MoOld.
26Yew Kien FattYou can fart.
27Fan Nee GaiFunny guy.
28Ai Don KehI do not care.
29Tan Kee YooThank you.
30Sam Ting WongSomething wrong.
31Wah Shing KaWashing car.
32Yow Wei KamYou are welcome.
33Yu Ting TongYou rang?
34Sze How FarGood eyesight?
35Shi ZhenxiangWhy go now?

Names Based on Names of Things

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1Fan Nee GaiRice noodle guy
2Ai Don KehI don’t care
3Tan Kee YooThank you
4Sam Ting WongSomething wrong
5Wah Shing KaWashing car
6Yow Wei KamYou are welcome
7Yu Ting TongYou rang?
8Sze How FarGood eyesight?
9Siu MaiSteamed pork dumpling
10Har GowShrimp dumpling
11Cha Siu BaoBBQ pork bun
12Lo MeinStir-fried noodles
13Chow MeinFried noodles
14Kung Pao ChickenSpicy chicken stir-fry
15General Tso’s ChickenSweet and spicy chicken stir-fry
16Dim SumSmall plates of steamed or fried dumplings, buns, and other snacks
17Bao ZiSteamed bun filled with meat or vegetables
18ShumaiSteamed pork dumpling
19Har GowShrimp dumpling
20Siu Mai GaiDid you ring?
21XiaolongbaoSoup dumpling

Names Based on Pop Culture References

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1Fei LongMortal Kombat
2Chun LiStreet Fighter
3RyuStreet Fighter
4KenStreet Fighter
5GuileStreet Fighter
6ZangiefStreet Fighter
7BalrogStreet Fighter
8DhalsimStreet Fighter
9VegaStreet Fighter
10M. BisonStreet Fighter
11MarioSuper Mario Bros.
12LuigiSuper Mario Bros.
13BowserSuper Mario Bros.
14Princess PeachSuper Mario Bros.
15YoshiSuper Mario Bros.
21GokuDragon Ball Z
22VegetaDragon Ball Z
23PiccoloDragon Ball Z
24GohanDragon Ball Z
25TrunksDragon Ball Z
30LuffyOne Piece
31ZoroOne Piece
32SanjiOne Piece
33NamiOne Piece
34RobinOne Piece
35Eren YeagerAttack on Titan
36Mikasa AckermanAttack on Titan
37Levi AckermanAttack on Titan
38Armin ArlertAttack on Titan
39Hange ZoeAttack on Titan

Names Based on Animal

1Mao Xiao TongLittle cat
2Gou ZiPuppy
3Niu NiuLittle cow
4Tu BaoLittle pig
5Ji TouChicken head
6Yu TouFish head
7La LaDonkey
8Yang YangSheep
9Hou ZiMonkey
10Xiong XiongBear
11He MaHippopotamus
12Da XiangElephant
13Lao HuTiger
14Shi ZiLion
15Xiao LongDragon
16Feng HuangPhoenix
17Bi XiaoUnicorn
21ShenlongAzure Dragon
22ZhuqueVermilion Bird
23XuanwuBlack Tortoise
24BaihuWhite Tiger

Funny Chinese Names for Games

NumberFunny Chinese NamesMeaning
1WontonWonderA love for wonton soup
2DimSumDynamoA fan of dim sum
3PekingPuzzlerPuzzle-solving enthusiast
4FortuneCookieFanaticLoves fortune cookies
5KungPaoComedianA comedian with a kick
6SzechuanSpiceMasterEnjoys spicy food
7GreatWallofLaughsAlways cracking jokes
8TaiChiTicklerEnjoys tai chi and laughter
9PandaPunchlineIncorporates pandas and humor
10GongFuGiggleLaughs while practicing kung fu
11RiceRollerRiotExcitement around sushi rolls
12NoodleNinjaA ninja with a love for noodles
13ChopstickCharmerMaster of using chopsticks
14ShanghaiSmirkA smirk from the city of Shanghai
15DragonDoodleDoodles dragons and laughs
16DumplingDelightDelighted by dumplings
17ShaolinSnickerHumor with a martial arts twist
18SoySauceSorcererHas a magic touch with soy sauce
19WokWitQuick wit in the kitchen
20TeapotTalesSpins stories like a teapot

Funny Chinese Names Puns

NumberFunny Chinese Name Puns
1Dim Sum-thing Special
2Wonton of Fun
3Rice to Meet You
4Szechuan Sensation
5Kung Pao-tato
6General Tso Hilarious
7Fortune Fun-due
8Soy Laughter Sauce
9Peking Chuckler
10Moo Shu Mirth
12Hoisin Hilarity
13Punny Panda Express
14Wok Star Comedian
15Chopstick Chuckle
16Takeout Tickler
17Sushi Silliness
18Spring Roll Rollercoaster
19Bamboo Bantam
20Laughing Lion Dancer
21Tempura Teaser
22Great Wall Giggler
23Peking Chuckle Master
24Soy Sauce Stand-up
25Noodle Natterer
26Szechuan Spice Joker
27Dragon Dumpling Diva
28Kung Fu Comic
29Fortune Cookie Cracker
30Peking Roast Rib-tickler
31Wonton Laughter Wiz
32Ho Hoisin
33Sushi Samurai Smiles
34Punderful Panda
35Sweet and Sassy Soy
36Noodle Nonsensical
37Peking Punchline Pro
38Laughing Lychee
39Kung Fu Giggles Galore
40Spring Roll Stand-up
41Teriyaki Tickler
42Soy Sauce Satirist
43Wonton Witty
44Peking Peacock Puns
45Szechuan Silliness Savant
46Fortune Funniness Fanatic
47Peking Roast Ringleader
48Giggling Gyoza Guru
49Kung Fu Comedy Kingpin
50Stir-Fry Stand-up Star

Funny Asian Names Dirty

1Sing K. Lee
3Pappa ki Pappu
4Chu Chee
5Sum Ting Wong
6Tan Chuan
7Wee Chai
8Chin Tu Fat
10Bolo Butt
11Motu Milka
12Singing Silak
13PaPa Ki Udi Pari
14Dunnu Farts
19Raj Roja
22Popat Patel
23Jansi ki Chachi
24Gupta Guru
25Zhu Po
26Japan Ki Joker
27Chulbul Pandey
28Park Geun-hye
29Nguyen Phu Trong
30Nguyen Tan Dung

Famous Celebrity Chinese Funny Baby Names

NicknameMeaning in Chinese
Li’l Mushroom
Bao BaoTreasure or Precious
Little Peanut
Xiao MingLittle Bright or Little Intelligent
Xiao HuaLittle Flower
Yen YenCharm or Grace
Little S
Xiao XingLittle Star
Little Spring
Xiao TianwangLittle King of Heaven
KarryUnique name combining Carrie & Sun
Little Sweetie
Xiao BaiyuLittle White Feather
XiaohuiLittle Wise
Liang LiangGood and Bright
Little Prince
Xiao YixuanLittle Music
Tang Tang

Funny Chinese Names for Cats

1(Mao Qiu): furball
2(Xiao Hu): little tiger
3(Xiao Xiong): little bear
4(pang pang): chubby
5(sha gua): silly
6(mi mi): meow-meow
7(dai dai): silly
8(wang wang): bark-bark
9(Xue Hua): snowflake
10(ben ben): clumsy
11(hua hua): flower
12(xue hua): snowflake

Funny Chinese Names – FAQs

What is the coolest Chinese name?

Gang: Meaning “strong”. …
Jia Hao: Meaning “wonderful hero”.
Jun Jie: Meaning “outstanding”.
Longwei: Meaning “dragon greatness”.
Qiao Hui: Meaning “smart and wise”.
Syaoran: Meaning “little wolf”.
Yingyue: Meaning “reflection of the moon”.
Zhi Peng: Meaning “legendary bird of wisdom”

What is the popular name in Chinese?

Zhāng Wěi 张伟, Wáng Wěi 王伟, and Lǐ Nà 李娜 are the three most common full names.

How do I choose a Chinese name?

If you are studying Cantonese or Mandarin and planning on creating a Chinese name, here are a few tips.
Be clear about what you are aiming for…
Choose your surname first. …
Keep it short. …
Ask for help. …
Don’t name yourself after a celebrity. …
Test several names. …
Share your name with your family. …
Read more stories.

What are Funny Chinese Names?

Funny Chinese names are humorous or amusing names that people in China or of Chinese descent may have. These names often have playful meanings or sounds.

Why do some Chinese people have funny names?

Some Chinese people choose funny names as a way to stand out, create a memorable impression, or simply for humor. It’s a personal choice.

Do all Chinese names have meanings?

Yes, most Chinese names have meanings that are often related to virtues, nature, or other significant aspects. However, funny names may deviate from this tradition.

Can you give examples of Funny Chinese Names?

Sure, examples include “Wei Tu Yung” (Wait a minute), “Dai Yu Tu” (Would you like to take a stroll?), and “Fay King Wai” (Faking why?).
Are Funny Chinese Names Offensive?


Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers alike can find considerable enjoyment in Chinese names.

Some Chinese names are humorous due to their pronunciation, while others are humorous due to their literal meaning.

It’s critical to keep in mind that comedy is a personal experience; what one person finds humorous, another person may not.

But there’s no denying that many individuals may find humor and happiness in Chinese names.

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