200+ Funny Character Names

Are you looking for funny character names for your next book, movie, or video game? Then you’ve come to the right place!

we’ll be sharing a list of the funniest character names we could find, from classic cartoon characters to modern pop culture icons.

We have a wide selection of names, whether you’re searching for something funny or serious. So continue reading to obtain the ideal humorous character name for your requirements.

funny character names

Whimsical Warriors

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1Sir ChucklehelmA knight known for his infectious laughter.
2Captain JokeswordWields a sword that slices through tension.
3Baron BellylaughsHis belly laughs are legendary throughout the land.
4Lady ChucklespearJousts with a lance of laughter and quick wit.
5Count ChuckleclashEngages in battles that are as amusing as they are fierce.
6ChuckleswordWields a sword that can cut through seriousness.
7Guffaw GuardianProtects the realm with uproarious laughter.
8Squire SnickersThe squire whose chuckles are contagious.
9Laughing LancelotKnown for jousting with joyous enthusiasm.
10Jovial JousterWins battles with mirth as their greatest weapon.
11Chuckle CrusaderEmbarks on quests filled with laughter.
12Baron BellowswordThe noble with a sword that rings with laughter.
13Laughing LancerRides into battles with joyous enthusiasm.
14Jolly JesterEntertains the court with boundless humor.
15Captain ChuckleaxeSwings an axe with a comedic flair.

Punny Professors

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16Professor QuipsterTeaches the art of puns, wordplay, and comedic theory.
17Dr. JestmasterStudies and research are all things humorous.
18Miss GiggletutorEducates with a curriculum filled with giggles.
19Mr. ChucklelectureHis lectures are both informative and hilarious.
20Dean WitcrackerLeads the University of Humor with a clever demeanor.
21ChuckleologistStudies and researches all things humorous.
22Dr. ChuckletomeAuthored the definitive book on laughter.
23Miss JestingtonTeaches the fine art of jesting and merriment.
24Professor ChucklelabConducts experiments in the science of mirth.
25Mr. WitmasterA master of wit and wordplay in academia.
26Dr. ChucklescribeRecords jokes and humorous observations.
27Professor ChucklegineInvents gadgets that bring laughter to all.
28Miss JestimationEstimates the value of humor in daily life.
29Mr. QuipsalotDelivers witty remarks with impeccable timing.
30Dean ChuckledoctrineLeads the school of comedy and satire.

Playful Professionals

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#NameProfessor Chuckles on
31Chuckle DetectiveSolves crimes by connecting the dots of humor.
32Gigglesmithy ArtisanCreates whimsical art forged in laughter.
33Chuckle CounselorProvides therapy sessions filled with giggles.
34Nurse ChucklesootheEases pain and discomfort with a cheerful demeanor.
35Clownish ConstableEnsures law and order with a comical approach.
36ChucklechemistMixes elements of humor into scientific studies.
37Dr. GigglesworthHolds the world record for continuous laughter.
38Miss JestingtonTeaches the fine art of jesting and merriment.
39Professor ChucklesonConducts experiments in the laboratory of laughter.
40Mr. QuipsalotDelivers witty remarks with impeccable timing.
41Chuckle DetectiveSolves crimes by connecting the dots of humor.
42Gigglesmithy SmithA blacksmith who forges laughter into tools.
43Chuckle CounselorProvides therapy sessions filled with giggles.
44Nurse GigglenurseHeals with the remedy of laughter and joy.
45Clownish CopMaintains law and order with comedic flair.

Whimsical Creatures

#NameAn alligator is known for its toothy grin.
46ChortlechimpA mischievous monkey that loves to laugh.
47GrinnygatorAn alligator known for its toothy grin.
48ChucklepenguinWaddles around with a perpetual chuckle.
49WigglywhaleA whale that makes the ocean echo with laughter.
50QuirkyquokkaA quokka with an endless supply of quirkiness.
51Chucklesaurus RexThe king of dinosaurs with a booming laugh.
52Laughing LemurA lemur that brightens up the jungle with laughter.
53Guffawing GargoyleDecorates gothic buildings with uproarious chuckles.
54Snicker SlothTakes life at a leisurely pace with constant snickers.
55Chuckleflap FlamingoStands on one leg and tells flamingo jokes.

Funny Character Names ideas

Looking for amusing character names that will make people laugh? Here are some creative character names for your book. These names are ideal for a comic book, novel, or video game.

1Professor Pervy Professor Pervy always gets in trouble with students and faculty. His name is funny.
2Admiral KnuckleheadAdmiral Knucklehead usually messes up, but he has good intentions.
3Reverend RumswizzleReverend Rumswizzle gambles, drinks, and womanises. His name is odd.
4Mayor MudfartMayor Mudfart’s flatulence disgusts those around him. He’s funny.
5Principal SpankerThis despicable principal spanks pupils despite school policy. His name is funny.
6Detective DoofusDetective Doofus usually messes up, yet he always gets his man (or woman).
7Pee Wee Herman Pee Wee Herman’s childlike innocence gets him out of danger.
8Barney FifeBarney Fife’s good intentions get him out of trouble, but he’s neurotic.
9Lucille BluthThis egotistical heroine constantly puts her own needs first, yet she’s smart and engaging.
10ArcherArcher’s charm and wit always save him from danger.
11Dwight SchruteDwight Schrute works hard and follows the rules, even when it doesn’t help. His dedication is funny.
12Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks’ good intentions always got him out of trouble.
13Gogo YubariGogo Yubari seeks fresh victims to torture and kill. Her name is chilling.
14Hannibal LecterHannibal Lecter is constantly ahead of his pursuers. His name is intriguing.
15Darth VaderThis towering character tortures and kills new victims. His name is chilling.
16The JokerThe Joker seeks more victims to torture and kill. His name is chilling.
17Freddy KruegerFreddy Krueger tortures and kills fresh victims. His name is chilling.
18ChuckyChucky seeks fresh victims to torture and kill. His name is chilling.
19Leather-faceLeather-face seeks fresh victims to torture and kill. His name is chilling.
20PinheadPinhead is a demon who tortures and kills people. His name is chilling.
21JasonThis demented villain tortures and kills new victims. His name is chilling.
22Michael MyersMichael Myers seeks fresh victims to torture and kill. His name is chilling.
23The TerminatorThe Terminator seeks fresh victims to torment and kill.
24The AlienThe Alien seeks fresh victims to torture and kill. His name is chilling. The Predator seeks more victims to torture and kill.
25The PredatorThis relentless character is always seeking out new victims to torture and kill. His name is sure to send a shiver down your spine!
26The GodzillaGodzilla seeks fresh victims to destroy.
27Thesaurus RexThesaurus Rex–
28The MothraThe Mothra seeks fresh victims to destroy.
29The King KongKing Kong seeks new victims to destroy.
30The GameraThe Gamera seeks fresh victims to destroy.
31Abe Froman
32The Sausage King of Chicago
33Allison Wonderland
36Captain Crunch
37Count Chocula
38Darth Vader
39Dr. Seuss
40Easter Bunny
41Energizer Bunny
42Frito Bandito
47Mickey Mouse
48Minnie Mouse
49Miss Piggy
50Moon Unit
51Mr. Potato Head
52Porky Pig
54Scooby Doo
57Star Wars

Funny Character Names for Games

If you are a funny guy, you need a funny gaming name. Hence, here is a list of funny usernames for your gaming channel:

2System Debt
6Red Reaper
9Sweet Angel 93
11Mad Cats
15Life of Pie
18Rick N Morty
20Crank N Bolt
26Troop N Treasure
27Lady Bug
31Last Life
33Dark Sword
38Sanctimonious Gamer

Funny Character Names From Movies

Here are some funny character names from movies:

1Derek Zoolander (Zoolander)
2Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)
3Sheriff Bart (Blazing Saddles)
4Dr. Rumack (Airplane!)
5Dr. Evil (Austin Powers)
6Oda Mae Brown (Ghost)
7Egg Shen (Big Trouble in Little China)
8Fook Mi / Fook Yu (Austin Powers in Goldmember)
9Dieter (Sprockets, Saturday Night Live)
10Cleveland Heep (Lady in the Water)
11Johnny Goodboy Tyler (Battlefield Earth)
12Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
13Rain Ocampo (Resident Evil)
14Grand Moff Pascal Tarkin (Star Wars)
15Silken Floss (The Spirit)
16Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter)
17Cole Trickle (Days of Thunder)
18Marion Cobretti (Cobra)
19Kit Latura (Daylight)

Funny Character Names for Female

1Banana Jones
2Poppy Longstickings
5Rose Nylund
6Lucy Ricardo
7Carol Burnett
10Elle Woods
11Wednesday Addams
12Holly Golightly
13Gracie Hart
15Linda Ash
16Shannon Mullins

Funny Character Names Cartoon

1Bugs Bunny
3Patrick Star
4Daffy Duck23
5Homer Simpson
6Eric Cartman
7Stewie Griffin
8Peter Griffin
9Johnny Bravo
10Dr. John A. Zoidberg
17Beavis and Butt-Head

Funny Character Names Male

1Barold Bulkybottom
2Buford Bagsby
3Chauncey Chunkerton
4Darius Drooperson
5Obadiah Oldman
6Rupert Rooke
7Seymour Snoot
8Wadsworth Wigglesbottom
9Wilbur Windbag
11Wild Boar
12Short form of Phillip; to flip
17Squishy Hugger
22Captain Caveman
23Stinky Smurf
25Baba Looey
26Fuzzy Lumpkins
27Gogo Dodo
28Goopy Geer
29Elmer Fudd
30Elroy Jetson
31Harvey Birdman
32Humpty Dumpty

Funny Character Names Mmo

1Shiftycent (Druid)
2Prostitute (mage in World of Warcraft)
3Foodanddps (Mage)
4Brewslee (Monk)
5Bubbleoseven (Paladin)
6ShockyBalboa (Shaman)
7Summonbot (Warlock)
8Frostitute (mage in World of Warcraft)
9Salty Manjuice (unknown class in World of Warcraft)
10Orchuntard (undead warlock in World of Warcraft)
11x.classic.x.pavlova.x (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
12RubberFroggy (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
13HybridKoala (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
14John_Woodside (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
15Don Altobello (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
16Tat3 (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
17Repo Man (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
18Keitosha (unknown class in an unknown MMO)
19Asdedas Adornail (elf in Elder Scrolls Online)
20Bear grills (Hunter)

Funny Character Names – FAQs

What are funny character names?

In different types of entertainment, including books, movies, TV series, and video games, fictional characters are given funny character names that are imaginative and entertaining.

What are some funny character names for different genres?

Sir Reginald Reginald the Third
Princess Buttercup
Elrond the Wise Guy
Gandalf the White Wizard
Aragorn the Ranger

Why do characters have funny names?

Funny character names can add humor, personality, and memorability to a character. They can also be used to reflect a character’s traits, backstory, or culture.

What about funny character names in movies?

Movies like “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” feature characters like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, which are known for their humor.

What are some examples of funny character names in popular books and movies?

Arthur Dent (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter)
Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

What are some tips for creating funny character names?

Some tips for creating funny character names include: keeping them short and simple, avoiding offensive or inappropriate names, making them easy to pronounce and spell, and testing them with others to see if they are funny or memorable.

What’s the impact of a funny character name on storytelling?

Funny character names can draw in the audience, increase character recall, and improve the narrative as a whole.

Can I use funny character names in my own writing or role-playing games?

Absolutely! Funny character names can add a unique touch to your creations, making them more entertaining for your audience.


funny character names can add a lot of humor and personality to various forms of media, including video games, movies, and books.

They can also be used to make a brand or product more memorable and engaging. By using humor and creativity.

funny character names can become a memorable and effective part of any media or marketing campaign.

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