187+ Funny Bracket Names for March Madness

Are you looking for some funny bracket names for March Madness? Do you want to make your friends laugh with your witty bracket name?

Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with a list of hilarious bracket names that will make your March Madness experience even more enjoyable.

From “Yippy-Ki-Yay, Mother Dunkers” to “Full Metal Bracket,” we have got you covered with the best and funniest bracket names for the 2024 NCAA Tournament



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NumberBracket NameMeaning
1“Slam Dunkin’ Donuts”A play on the popular coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts.
2“March Munch Madness”Indicating that you’ll be munching on snacks while watching the games.
3“Cinderella Slice”Referring to the unexpected success stories, like a pizza “slice” of the tournament.
4“Buzzer Beater Bites”Celebrating those last-second game-winning shots.

Pop Culture References

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NumberBracket NameMeaning
5“Game of Throws”A nod to the popular show “Game of Thrones.”
6“The Dunk Knight”Combining basketball dunks with the Dark Knight from Batman.
7“Madness in Space”A play on “March Madness” with a sci-fi twist.
8“Slam Diego”A reference to San Diego and basketball slam dunks.

Punny Names

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NumberBracket NameMeaning
9“Hoop Dreamsicle”Combining basketball with the sweet treat dreamsicle.
10“Court Jesters”A play on “court” and the comical jesters of history.
11“Dribble Trouble”Combining basketball with the sweet treat creamsicle.
12“March Malarky”Suggesting that the tournament is full of fun and nonsense.


NumberBracket NameMeaning
13“Hoosiers Reboot”A reference to the classic basketball movie “Hoosiers.”
14“Space Jam Slam”Inspired by the movie “Space Jam” featuring the Looney Tunes.
15“The Rebounder”A play on the movie “The Revenant,” with a basketball twist.
16“Slam Dunk Fiction”A twist on the movie “Pulp Fiction.”


NumberBracket NameMeaning
17“Marching Penguins”Ducks are taking to the court for some slam dunks.
18“Roaring Tigers”Drawing inspiration from the fierce nature of tigers.
19“Slammin’ Kangaroos”Ducks are taking to the court for some slam dunks.
20“The Dunking Ducks”Ducks taking to the court for some slam dunks.

Tech and Geek-Themed

NumberBracket NameMeaning
21“Pixel Perfect Picks”For those who pay attention to every detail in the brackets.
22“Ctrl + Dunk + Delete”A play on the computer command “Ctrl + Alt + Delete.”
23“Quantum Dunk Theory”Merging quantum physics with basketball dunks.
24“Marching Bots”Imagining robots participating in March Madness.


NumberBracket NameMeaning
25“Basketball Symphony”Comparing the game to a musical masterpiece.
26“Rap ‘n Rebounds”Combining basketball action with rap music vibes.
27“Marching Bandits”Referring to the exciting and daring plays on the court.
28“Swishy Tunes”Associating the sound of a successful shot with music.

Travel and Adventure

NumberBracket NameMeaning
29“March to Victory”Emphasizing the journey to winning the bracket.
30“Wanderlust Hoops”Combining the love for travel with basketball excitement.
31“Dunking Expedition”Portraying the games as thrilling adventures.
32“Tourney Trekkers”For those who explore every matchup like a new destination.

Historical References

NumberBracket NameMeaning
33“The Dunking Revolution”Imagine ancient Romans playing basketball.
34“March of the Romans”Imagining ancient Romans playing basketball.
35“Founding Fathers’ Frenzy”Combining U.S. history with March Madness.
36“Medieval Madness”Portraying the tournament as a medieval tournament.

Space and Sci-Fi

NumberBracket NameMeaning
37“Galactic Slam Jam”Taking the game to outer space for slam dunks.
38“Alien Dunk Invaders”Aliens invading the basketball court for dunks.
39“Starship Dunkprise”A play on “Enterprise” from Star Trek.
40“Cosmic Crossovers”Mixing cosmic elements with basketball crossovers.


NumberBracket NameMeaning
41“March Madness and the Goblet of Dunk”“The Slammer Chronicles”
42“Dribble-Heads Guide to the Galaxy”Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference.
43“The Slam-mer Chronicles”Inspired by “The Chronicles of Narnia.”
44“Basketball in Wonderland”“The Slammer Chronicles”

Nature and Environmental

NumberBracket NameMeaning
45“Eco-Dunk Warriors”Combining environmental awareness with basketball.
46“March of the Penguins”Like the famous documentary, but on the court.
47“Bamboo Slamboo”A play on bamboo and slam dunks.
48“Ocean Dunkplorers”Exploring the deep sea of March Madness.

Weather and Natural Phenomena

NumberBracket NameMeaning
49“Thunder Dunkstorm”Equating slam dunks to thunderstorms.
50“Blizzard Ballers”Imagining basketball played during a blizzard.
51“Hurricane Hoops”Intense and whirlwind-like basketball action.
52“The Solar Slammers”A cosmic take on basketball with the sun.

Mythological Themes

NumberBracket NameMeaning
53“March Mythical Madness”Combining mythical creatures with basketball.
54“Dunkers of Olympus”Greek gods and goddesses participating in March Madness.
55“Dragon Dunkers”Imagining dragons playing basketball.
56“Norse Slam-nir”Imagine dragons playing basketball.

Science and Technology

NumberBracket NameMeaning
57“Quantum Slam Theory”Incorporating quantum physics into the game.
58“The Dunktelligence”Intelligence and strategy on the court.
59“Nano Dunk-nology”A nod to nanotechnology in a basketball context.
60“Robotics Slamdown”Robots competing in a slam dunk contest.

Superheroes and Comics

NumberBracket NameMeaning
61“Avengers of the Court”Marvel superheroes playing basketball.
62“Justice League Jams”DC Comics’ Justice League members slam dunking.
63“Basketball Batmen”Batman-inspired basketball action.
64“The Slamder Woman”A play on Wonder Woman, celebrating female players.

Funny Bracket Names for March Madness

The top teams in the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are listed first, along with some hilarious bracket names.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

NumberBracket Name
1Zags to Riches
2The Final Strawther
3A Few Good Players
4Timme’s Graduation Party
5One More Timme
6St. Aloysius’ Church of Bracketology
7Watson & Associates
8The School of NembHARD Knocks

Arizona Wildcats

NumberBracket Name
1Ballo So Hard University
2Ballo In To The Final Four
3Tommy Guns
4In The ‘Zona
52-3 ‘Zona
6Highway To The Danger ‘Zona
7Ariz Own You
8This Name Got Me A Creative Writing Degree From ASU

Baylor Bears

NumberBracket Name
1Cocaine Bears
2Building Bridges To Houston
3Cryer Me A River
4My Bracket Will Make You Cryer
5Thamba No. 5
6Bear Force One

Kansas Jayhawks

NumberBracket Name
1Go Directly To Jalen
2Get Out of Jalen Free Card
3Dajuan And Done
4Dajuan And Only Harris Jr.
5Grade A Bracket
6You Kansas Do It
7Self Ownage

Alabama Crimson Tide

NumberBracket Name
1It’s Miller Time
2Tears of a Clowney
3Insane Clowney Posse
4Sear The Net
5Saban & Oats
6Elephant Walk

UCLA Bruins

NumberBracket Name
1Tyger King
2Tyger Tamers
3Amari 2600
4AMARIcan Sniper
5Something Is Bruin In March

Purdue Boilermakers

NumberBracket Name
1Edey Money
2Edey Does It
3Smith & Loyer LLC
4All You Can Edey

Houston Cougars

NumberBracket Name
1Cougar Lovers
2Cougar Town
3Don’t Coog It
4We Don’t Have A Problem
5J’Wana Men
6Shead’s Lead

Houston Cougars

NumberBracket Name
1Houston, We Have A Winner
2Cougar Town
3Kickin’ Sasser
4On The Mark
5O Come, O Come Emanuel
6From Jarace With Love/Last Tango In Jarace
7Sharpest Picks In The Bracket
8Shead Games/Sharpest Tool In The Shead/Take ‘Em Behind The WoodShead
9What More Do J’Want?
10Off The Chaney

USC Trojans

NumberBracket Name
1Enfield of Dreams
2Boogie Down Productions
3Bridge Over Troubled Dixon-Waters

Boise State Broncos

NumberBracket Name
1Point Shaver
2Degenhart Of A Champion
3Going, Going NgaNga

Iowa Hawkeyes

NumberBracket Name
1Fran Stan
2Gold, Frankincense, & Murray
3Pound Sandfort/Line In The Sandford
4Filip Up!
5Golden McCafferys

Providence Friars

NumberBracket Name
1Cooley High/Play It Cooley/etc.
2Mega Watson/Turn Down For Watson
3Bye Bye Bynum
4Just Say Noah
5It’s A Locke!
6Rare Breed/Different Breed
7Bryce Is Right

Arkansas Razorbacks

NumberBracket Name
1Hog Heaven
2Solid Musselman
3Always Bet On Black
4Retain Council/Student Council President
5Brazile Nuts

Kansas Jayhawks

NumberBracket Name
1Yes We Kansas!
2Chalk Rocks (if you always pick the higher seed)
3Self Esteem/Self Worth/Self Improvement
4Make The Gradey/Gradey-A
5Dick Of The Litter/(About 500 more involving Dick)
6Dajuan And Only
7McCullaring The Herd/Pop Your McCullar/Ring Around McCullar/etc.
8Where There’s A Wilson, There’s A Way
9She Said Yesufu
10Ernest Goes To The Final Four
11Udeh Man!

Purdue Boilermakers

NumberBracket Name
1This Is How We Purdue It
2First Things Furst
3Go Hard In The Painter
4Sports Illustrated
5Loyer Up
6All You Can Edey
7Hello, Newman!
8Mason Picks ‘Em Line
9Sports Gillistrated
10Boilermakers (For the upset-minded picked)

Funny March Madness Bracket Names for Females

NumberBracket Name
1Yippy-Ki-Yay, Mother Dunkers
2There’s No Crying in Basketball
3Ballistic Bullies
4And the Rankings Don’t Matter
5Land of the Free Throws
6Hoops! I Did It Again
8The Court Jesters
9The Rim Rattlers
10The Dunkin’ Divas
11The Three-Point Queens
12The Bracket Busters
13The Net Ninjas
14The Rebound Rulers


What are the best Funny Bracket Names for March Madness?

March Sadness
Cinderella Story
Basket Cases
Church of Bracketology
The Zion King
Full Metal Bracket
Not In Kansas Anymore
Sister Jean’s Holy Bracket
Premature Ejection
Breaking Cardinal Rules
The Louisville Escorts

How do I come up with a Funny Bracket Names for March Madness?

Think about your favorite teams and players. What are some funny nicknames for them?

Play on words and puns. For example, if your favorite team is the Tar Heels, you could name your bracket “Tar Heels Over Louisville.”

Use pop culture references. For example, you could name your bracket “The Force Awakens” or “Game of Thrones.”

Be creative and don’t be afraid to be silly. The funnier your bracket name, the more likely you are to win the trash-talking rights.

What are some other funny bracket names?

Houston, We Have a Winner
Cougar Town
Kickin’ Sasser
On the Mark
O Come, O Come Emanuel
From Jarace With Love/Last Tango in Jarace
Sharpest Picks in the Bracket
Shead Games/Sharpest Tool in the Shead/Take ‘Em Behind the WoodShed
What More Do J’Want?
Off the Chaney
Kansas State Wildcats: Little Apple That Could
Tang ‘Em High/Tang Time/Pain & Anguish
Nice Bottle of Keyontae
The Answer Key(one)

Why is it important to have a funny bracket name?

Having a funny bracket name is not important, but it can make March Madness more fun and competitive.

It is also a great way to show off your sense of humor and your love of college basketball.

Can I use a funny bracket name in a workpool?

It depends on your workplace culture. If you work in a conservative environment, you may want to err on the side of caution and choose a more professional bracket name.

However, if you work in a more relaxed environment, then a funny bracket name is perfectly acceptable.

What if I don’t win my March Madness pool, even though I have a funny bracket name?

Even if you don’t win, you can still take pride in having the funniest bracket name in the pool.

And who knows, maybe your bracket name will be so funny that it will go viral and make you famous.


March Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year, and it’s even more fun when you’re competing against your friends and family in a bracket challenge.

If you’re looking for a way to make your bracket stand out, consider using a funny bracket name.

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