170+ Funny Basketball Team Names

Are you looking for a Funny Basketball Team Name? Look no further! Here, We’ve shared a list of hilarious names that will make you quack up.

Do you want to create a name that will make your opponents laugh and your fans cheer?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, With our help, you can create a funny basketball team name.

Funny Basketball Team Names


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NumberTeam NameMeaning
1Dunkin’ DonutsA team known for making impressive dunks.
2Ballin’ BananasThey play with a lot of energy, like bananas.
3Swish KebabsTheir shots are so smooth they’re like kebabs.
4Fast BreakersThey excel at fast breaks in the game.
5Three-Point PizzazzMasters of the three-point shots.


NumberTeam NameMeaning
6Court JestersKnown for their humorous antics on the court.
7Crossover ComediansExcellent at tricky crossover moves.
8Alley-OopsiesAlways trying exciting alley-oop plays.
9The Slam Dunkin’ DivasWomen’s team with a flair for dunks.
10Buzzer BeatersKnown for making last-second shots.


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NumberTeam NameMeaning
11Air BallersFrequently shoot airballs but still fun.
12The Rim RockersKnown for their powerful slam dunks.
13The Layup LegendsMasters of the art of the layup.
14The Traveling TroupeThey’re always on the move, like a troupe.
15Net RippersRip through the opponent’s defenses.


NumberTeam NameMeaning
16The Slammin’ SalamandersQuick and agile, like salamanders.
17The Giraffe GangTall players who can reach high.
18The Penguin DunkersGraceful and precise, like penguins.
19The Raging RhinosStrong and aggressive on the court.
20The Ferocious FalconsSwift and predatory in their plays.


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NumberTeam NameMeaning
21The Cosmic CrossoversOut-of-this-world moves and skills.
22The Alien DunkersThey perform dunks that seem otherworldly.
23The Shooting StarsExceptional accuracy in shooting.
24The Galactic GuardiansThey protect their basket like a galaxy.
25The UFO BallersMysterious and hard to predict.


NumberTeam NameMeaning
26The Space Jam SquadInspired by the movie “Space Jam.”
27The Avengers of the CourtA team of heroes.
28The Hoop FictionInspired by the movie “Pulp Fiction.”
29The Dribble WarsA play on “Star Wars.”
30The DunkinatorInspired by “The Terminator.”


NumberTeam NameMeaning
31The Slammin’ SymphonyThey make beautiful plays together.
32The Rock and Dunk RollersCombining rock and basketball.
33The Hoop HarmonicsIn perfect harmony on the court.
34The Jazzy JumpersSmooth and rhythmic in their game.
35The Hip-Hop HoopersIncorporating hip-hop style into basketball.


NumberTeam NameMeaning
36The Super Slam HeroesSaving the game with heroic moves.
37The Justice Dunk LeagueInspired by the Justice League.
38The X-Men BallersExtraordinary abilities on the court.
39The Avengers of the CourtCombining superpowers and basketball.
40The Caped CrossoversSuperheroes of the crossover move.

Funny Basketball Team Names Other

Here’s a table with the additional basketball team names and their meanings:

NumberTeam NameMeaning
1Acid GlovesMysterious and unpredictable playstyle.
2Shake n BlakeA reference to a player named Blake.
3Booga Pick n RollPlayers often sit on the bench during games.
4Ball BuzzersQuick and buzzy on the court.
5The BenchwarmersA tribute to their number-one fan.
6No Small Balls AllowedA humorous take on “No Small Balls Allowed.”
7Three Point Shizzle my DizzleMasters of three-point shots.
8Running n GunningA fast-paced and aggressive playing style.
9No StealingEmphasizes fair play and sportsmanship.
10No 1 FanWhen We Were Fab
11Bounce Bounce BabyKnown for their bouncing energy.
12Ice FireA combination of cool and fiery skills.
13Tip Offs With Tops OffA playful team name with a fun spirit.
14Green ShakersShaking things up with their green uniforms.
15Bougie BallsKnown for their luxurious style of play.
16Panties and PenaltiesA humorous combination of two contrasting concepts.
17Swing MenMasters of swing-style plays.
18Candy CanesPlaying with sweet precision.
19Hold the MayoAvoiding unnecessary frills in their game.
20Golden DazzleDazzling opponents with golden plays.
21Girl TrottersWomen’s team with a nod to “Harlem Globetrotters.”
22Awesome BlossomBlooming with awesome skills.
23B-BallersTraditional basketball enthusiasts.
24When We Was FabA nod to the past glory days.
25Boston CelticsA reference to the Boston Celtics.
26Groovin’ InPlaying with a groovy vibe.
27Hustlin QuakersCombining hustle and Quaker tradition.
28RivermenRepresenting a river-themed team.
29Soul CrushersCrushing the spirits of opponents.
30Prairie WolvesFierce and wild like wolves.
31Uncle DennisPerhaps named after a player or coach named Dennis.
32Athena’s ArmyNamed after the Greek goddess Athena.
33Boston Kyrie PartyA play on words with “Kyrie Irving.”
34Rim ShotsKnown for accurate shots on the rim.
35Sick BurnersDelivering burns and exceptional plays.
36PeachesA sweet and approachable team name.
37No Time OutA relentless playing style with no breaks.
38Whose Shot?Opponents are always questioning their shots.
39Drunken DunkersKnown for daring and flashy dunks.
40Wet Dream TeamDreaming of victory and achieving it.
41Girls and GoaliesA mix of women’s basketball and hockey.
42Slam SmithNamed after a player named Smith known for slams.
43No FoulersEmphasizing clean play with no fouls.
44Spida-ManA reference to a player nicknamed “Spida.”
45SwiftersSwift and agile on the court.
46Real MVPAlways striving to be the Most Valuable Player.
47Dribbling All StarsExceptional dribbling skills.
48First QuarterDominating in the early stages of the game.
49Leading and LovableLeading the game with a lovable spirit.
50Locker Room TalkKnown for their spirited conversations.
51POAAcronym for “Playing Outstanding Always.”
52Gritty and GrindKnown for their gritty, hardworking playstyle.

Funny Basketball Team Names Dirty

Here are some funny and dirty basketball team names:

NumberTeam NameMeaning
1Flaming Top DogsA team known for their fiery plays and dominance.
2Cheetos CherriesCombining a snack with a playful twist.
3Net BuffaloesBuffaloes charging through the net.
4Orange KangaroosEnergetic and agile, like kangaroos.
5Blush BabiesA humorous and lighthearted team name.
6Dapper HustlersStylish and skilled in their hustle.
7Knocking the Bottom OutKnown for powerful plays and dunks.
8Freeballin’Playing without fear or constraints.
9Dropping BucketsScoring consistently with bucket-sized plays.
10You got StuffedOpponents often get blocked or “stuffed.”
11Spaced JammersA play on “Space Jam” with a twist.
12The Better-Than-LeBronsComparing themselves to LeBron James.
13Dame TimeA nod to Damian Lillard’s clutch plays.
14Courting DisasterA team that sometimes plays recklessly.
15Shots FiredKnown for making bold shots and plays.
16Perennial LosersA humorous team name embracing their underdog status.
17Power TupleA combination of strength and unity.

Funny Basketball Team Names for Women’s

Here are some women’s team names with their meanings:

1AngelsA team with a heavenly name
2CougarsA team with a fierce name
3Lady MustangsA team named after a horse
4MinxA team with a sly name
5Houston RockettesA team named after a dance group
6Milwaukee DoeA team named after a female deer
7Fightin’ HensA team with a poultry name
8Dream TeamA team that dreams of winning
9Lady DivasA team with a diva name
10SpiritA team with a spiritual name

Funny Basketball Team Names – FAQs

Can you suggest some funny basketball team names for a co-ed league?

Sure! Here are some funny basketball team names for a co-ed league:
The Hoop Hotties
The Slamming Sweethearts
The Dunkin’ Divas
The Ballin’ Beauties
The Rim Rockers

What are some funny basketball team names for a fantasy league?

Here are some funny basketball team names for a fantasy league:
The Hoop Dreams
The Slam Dunkin’ Wizards
The Ballin’ Bandits
The Rim Rattlin’ Renegades
The Net Ninjas

Can a funny team name be motivating for players?

Absolutely! A clever or humorous team name can boost team morale and add an element of light-hearted competition.

Are there any specific rules for creating a funny basketball team name?

While there are no strict rules, it’s a good idea to keep the name respectful and avoid anything offensive or inappropriate.

What are some funny names in the NBA?

Table of Contents:
Giannis Antetokounmpo/Georgios Papagiannis.
Martynas Andriuškevičius.
Manny Harris.
Fat Lever.
God Shammgod.
Longar Longar.
Metta World Peace.
Diamond Stone/Chubby Cox.

Can we change our team name if we don’t like it later on?

Yes, you can definitely change your team name if you feel it no longer suits your team or if you come up with something better.

Who is the funny basketball player’s name?

Steeve Ho You Fat had the internet buzzing after he stepped out for Metropolitans 92 as it played G League Ignite in an exhibition match in Las Vegas. Even the commentators on the game couldn’t quite believe the power forward’s unusual name. “Ho You Fat with the three. Yes, I just said that.

Is it okay to use pop culture references in our team name?

YES, but make sure it’s not copyrighted material.


Selecting a funny basketball team name is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

A good team name should be easy to spell, memorable, and represent the team’s identity. It can also be a fun way to show off your team’s personality and make your opponents laugh.

Remember to have fun with the process and collaborate with your teammates to find the perfect name that represents your team’s spirit and style.

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