190+ Funny Band Names

Are you tired of hearing the same old band names? 🎸 In this article, we’ll look at some Funny Band Names that will make you giggle.

These band names, ranging from puns and wordplay to crazy combinations, are sure to leave an impression.

So, get ready to rock out with a smile as we delve into the realm of humorous and unusual band names.


Food-Themed Bands

Here below are Funny Band Names based on some Food-Themed.

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NumberBand NameMeaning
1The Doughnut DivasServing up sweet tunes just like doughnuts.
2Rock ‘n’ RollsThey roll with the music and rock the stage.
3The Hot Chili JamsSpicing up the music scene with hot tunes.
4The Funky PicklesTheir music has a unique, tangy twist.
5The Spaghetti StringsPlaying music as tangled as spaghetti.
6The Electric BaconShocking music with a sizzling sound.
7The Funky PineapplesGroovy tunes with a tropical twist.
8The Waffle WarriorsFlipping the script on great music.
9The Melon ManiaTheir melodies are as refreshing as melons.
10The Taco TroubadoursBringing a fiesta to the stage.

Animal-Inspired Bands

Here below are Funny Band Names based on some Animal-Inspired.

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NumberBand NameMeaning
11The Electric ElephantsTheir music shocks the crowd.
12The Groovy MonkeysGroovy tunes from these simian musicians.
13The Roaring LionsTheir music is as fierce as a lion’s roar.
14The Barking DogsTheir sound can be loud and unpredictable.
15The Purring CatsSmooth and soothing melodies like a purring cat.
16The Howlin’ WolvesTheir music will make you howl with delight.
17The Jazzy JaguarsJazzing it up with their exotic tunes.
18The Disco DucksQuacking out the grooviest beats.
19The Funky FerretsFurry and funky tunes that’ll get you moving.
20The Slinky SnakesSlithering through musical genres with style.

Punny Bands

Here below are Funny Band Names based on some Punny.

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NumberBand NameMeaning
21The Flat NotesThey might miss a beat but never a laugh.
22The Shocking SocksElectrifying music that’ll knock your socks off.
23The Lawnmower LegendsCutting-edge music in every sense.
24The ClockwatchersAlways on time with their catchy melodies.
25The AcousticatsPurring melodies that are easy on the ears.
26The WattsonsShockingly good music from these guys.
27The Space CadetsTheir music is truly out of this world.
28The Cosmic CowboysRiding through the cosmos with their tunes.
29The UFO JamstersTheir jams are as mysterious as UFOs.
30The Interstellar BeatsMusic that travels the galaxy and beyond.

Out-of-This-World Bands

Here below are Funny Band Names based on some Out-of-This-World.

NumberBand NameMeaning
31The Alien RockersMusic that’s truly extraterrestrial.
32The Galactic GrooversGrooving through the galaxy.
33The Martian MusiciansTunes inspired by the Red Planet.
34The Nebula NotesMelodies as vast and colorful as nebulae.
35The Starship SerenadersSerenading the stars with their music.
36The Astral AlchemistsTransforming sounds into cosmic gold.
37The Supernova SoundsExplosive music that lights up the night.
38The Gravity GrooveTheir tunes defy gravity and make you dance.
39The Celestial SymphonyA symphony of sounds from the cosmos.
40The Solar SerenadesHarmonizing with the sun and stars.

Funny Band Names Puns

Here below are Funny Band Names based on some Puns.

1The Rolling Scones
2The Smashing Potatoes
3The Red Hot Chili Pipers
4The Spice Girls Next Door
5The Backstreet Boys II Men
6NSYNC the Kitchen Sink
7The Jonas Brothers and Their Mom
8One Direction, Two Exits
9Little Mix Match
10Fifth Harmony & Discord
11Imagine Dragons in My Garage
12Twenty One Pilots Landing
13Maroon 5 Alive
14Panic! at the Zoo
15The Lumineers, But Not Really
16Mumford & Sons and Their Daughters
17Of Monsters and Men, But Mostly Men
18Twenty-One Pilots Landing
19Florence + The Machine, But No Florence
20Hozier, But Not a Real Hozier
21Sam Smith, But Not Really Sam Smith
22Ed Sheeran, But Not Quite
23Adele, But Not Quite as Adele
24Beyoncé, But Not Quite Beyoncé
25Bruno Mars, But Not Quite Bruno Mars
Twenty-One Pilots LandingJustin Bieber, But Not Quite Justin Bieber

Funny Band Names for Old Guys

NumberBand Name
1The Rolling Geriatrics
2The AARP All-Stars
3The Menopouse Maniacs
4The Viagra Vandals
5The Geriatric Jam Band
6The Old Farts Rock
7The Geezers of Rock
8The Silver Foxes
9The Rusty Trombones
10The AARP Attack
11The Geriatric Jug Band
12The Old Guys Rule
13The Silver Seniors
14The Geezers Gone Wild
15The Geriatric Moshers
16The Old Guys Who Can Still Rock
17The Geezers Who Still Got It
18The Silver Surfers
19The Geriatric Headbangers
20The Old Guys Who Refuse to Grow Up
21The Geezers Who Are Still Young at Heart
22The Silver Foxes Who Can Still Rock
23The Geriatric Mosh Pit
24The Old Guys Who Are Still Having a Blast
25The Geezers Who Are Still Living the Dream

Funny Band Names for Dogs

NumberBand Name
1Edge Happy
2Jameson Band
3Judas Be My Guide
4Pet Wagon
5Witchy Woman
6Johnny Cash
7Wolcano Band
8Ronnie James Dio
9Vinnie Paul
10Matilda Mother
11Paul Stanley
12French Form Band
13Mad Dog
14Marcell Band
15Dj Deejay
16Abbey Road
17Flash Grandmaster Flash
18Thin Lizzy
19Rocket Queen
20Biggie Smalls
21Fairport Convention
22The Decemberists
23Inferno Jive Band
24Hey Jude
25Apollo Apollo Brown
26Ace Of Spades
27Ruby Tuesday
28Heaven Band
29Four Leger Band
30Road Rats
31More And Max
33Joni Mitchell
34Athena Aura Band
35Accent Band
36Tbone Cisco
37Sanibel Sara

Funny Band Names From Movies

NumberBand NameDescription
1Spinal Tap (This Is Spinal Tap)
2Sex Bob-Omb (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)A garage rock band featured in the movie with a unique name.
3School of Rock (School of Rock)
4The Wonders (That Thing You Do!)A one-hit wonder band that rises to fame.
5Josie and the Pussycats (Josie and the Pussycats)
6Stillwater (Almost Famous)A band that the film’s protagonist follows on their tour.
7No Doubt (Clueless)
8The Wyld Stallyns (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure)A time-traveling rock duo in the film.
9Citizen Dick (Citizen Dick)
10The Rutles (All You Need Is Cash)A parody band inspired by The Beatles.
11The Folksmen (A Mighty Wind)
12The Covertones (The Wedding Singer)A wedding band featured in the romantic comedy.
14The Count Five (Rock Around the Clock)
15The Johnny Cupcakes (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)A band featured in a high school comedy.
16The Oneders (Back to the Future)
17The Hubtones (American Graffiti)A band that performs in the classic coming-of-age film.
18The Corvettes (Grease)
19The T-Birds (Grease 2)A rival gang in the sequel to the original “Grease.”
20The Blues Brothers (The Blues Brothers)
21The Commitments (The Commitments)A working-class Dublin band pursuing soul music fame.
22The Snapshots (Blinded by the Light)
23The Flaming Lips (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)A cameo appearance of the real band in a fictional context.
24The Shins (Garden State)
25The Moldy Peaches (Juno)A band whose music is featured in the film.
26The Beastie Boys (Fight Club)

Funny Band Names for Druggies

NumberBand NameDescription
1The Crystal MethodAn electronic music duo with a clever play on words in their name.
2CodeineA band with a name directly referencing a pain-relieving drug, adding humor to their music.
3Dexys Midnight RunnersAlthough not directly related to drugs, the name sounds like a prescription medication, creating a unique and funny choice.
4Mammoth Weed Wizard BastardThis band’s name is an exaggerated and humorous take on the stoner rock genre, embracing the druggie theme playfully.
5Test IciclesCombining a prescription drug and a sharp object, this band’s name creates a funny and slightly dangerous image.
6Nurse With WoundA band with a dark and twisted sense of humor, their name combines a medical profession with a potentially harmful situation.
8Mazda DrugsA clever play on words that combines a well-known car brand with a drug reference, creating a funny and unexpected combination.
9Barenaked LadiesWhile not directly related to drugs, this band’s name is a humorous and attention-grabbing choice, adding a playful element to their music.
10Barry White BoysThis band’s name is a funny and unexpected combination of a famous singer and a racial descriptor, creating a lighthearted and slightly absurd image.

Funny Band Names From the 90s

The 1990s were a great decade in music and a great decade for bands with dumb names. Here is my list of the Top 17.

NumberBand NameDescription
1Savage GardenA band known for their melodic pop and love-themed songs.
2Blind MelonA rock band with a distinctive sound and hit song “No Rain.”
3No DoubtA popular ska and rock band fronted by Gwen Stefani.
4CandleboxA rock band with a name suggesting both light and darkness.
5Mr. BigKnown for their rock ballads and hits like “To Be with You.”
6CranberriesAn alternative rock band famous for songs like “Zombie.”
7GarbageAn alternative rock band with a unique and edgy sound.
8Red Hot Chili PeppersA legendary rock band known for their energetic performances.
9Ace of BaseA pop group known for their catchy tunes in the ’90s.
10RoxetteA Swedish duo with a string of pop-rock hits.
11Milli VanilliA pop duo known for their brief rise to fame and subsequent controversy.
12Third Eye BlindAn alternative rock band with hits like “Semi-Charmed Life.”
13The Presidents of the United States of AmericaKnown for their quirky and humorous songs.
14Barenaked LadiesA band known for their humor-infused alternative rock.
15Smashing PumpkinsAn influential alternative rock band led by Billy Corgan.
16Vanilla IceA rapper famous for his hit “Ice Ice Baby” in the early ’90s.
17ExtremeKnown for their rock ballads, including “More Than Words.”

Funny Band Names Comedian

NumberBand NameDescription
1The Diarrhea Planet (comedian Patton Oswalt)A humorous band name associated with comedian Patton Oswalt.
2The Flaming Lips (comedian David Cross)A band with a name linked to comedian David Cross.
3The Butthole Surfers (comedian Bill Hicks)A band name connected to comedian Bill Hicks, known for its provocative nature.
4They Might Be Giants (comedian John Hodgman)A band name with a humorous and quirky vibe, associated with comedian John Hodgman.
5Spinal Tap (comedian Rob Reiner, from the movie This Is Spinal Tap)A legendary fictional band from the movie “This Is Spinal Tap,” with connections to comedian Rob Reiner.
6Dethklok (comedian Brendon Small, from the TV show Metalocalypse)A band associated with comedian Brendon Small, from the TV show “Metalocalypse.”
7Steel Panther (comedian Michael Starr)A band with connections to comedian Michael Starr.
8We Are the Mighty Boosh (comedians Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, from the TV show The Mighty Boosh)A band name linked to comedians Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, from the TV show “The Mighty Boosh.”
9Flight of the Conchords (comedians Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie)A band name associated with comedians Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie.
10The Lonely Island (comedians Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer)A comedy rap group consisting of Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer.
11Garfunkel and Oates (comedians Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci)A musical comedy duo featuring comedians Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci.
12BriTANicK (comedians Dana Gould and Greg Proops)A comedy duo with the band name BriTANicK, associated with comedians Dana Gould and Greg Proops.
13The Pod F. Tompkast (comedians Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, and James Adomian)A podcast with comedian Paul F. Tompkins, Scott Aukerman, and James Adomian.

funny band nameFAQs

What is a funny band name?

A funny band name is one that is humorous or absurd. It can be a pun, a play on words, or simply a nonsensical phrase.

What are some examples of funny band names?

Here are a few examples of funny band names:
The Diarrhea Planet
The Flaming Lips
The Butthole Surfers

How do I come up with a funny band name?

There are many ways to come up with a funny band name. Here are a few tips:
Use puns and wordplay.

Combine words in unexpected ways. For example, the band name “The Diarrhea Planet” combines the words “diarrhea” and “planet.”

Use absurd or nonsensical phrases. For example, the band name “Spinal Tap” is a nonsense phrase.

What should I avoid when choosing a funny band name?

There are a few things you should avoid when choosing a funny band name:
Don’t be offensive or hurtful. Avoid using band names that make fun of people or groups of people.

Can a funny band name be successful?

A: Yes, a funny band name can be successful. There are many examples of successful bands with funny names, such as The Flaming Lips,

The Butthole Surfers, and They Might Be Giants. In fact, a funny band name can help you stand out from the competition and attract attention.

What are some funny band names for kids?

Here are a few funny band names for kids:
The Banana Bandits
The Dinosaurchestra
The Jellyfish Jammers
The Monkey Musketeers
The Pizza Players
The Taco Troubadours


Funny Band Names are an excellent way to inject humor and personality into a musical ensemble.

Whether you want a name that is tied to drugs or has a druggie vibe, or something completely unrelated, there are online resources that can provide ideas.

So, if you’re establishing a band or just looking for a good laugh, think about some of the amusing band names available and let your imagination go wild!

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