190+ Funny Asian Names

Are you looking for a Funny Asian Names? Do you want to learn more about the origins and meanings behind these names?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll explore some of the funniest Asian names and their meanings.

From puns to cultural references, we’ll cover it all. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh and learn about some of the most amusing Asian names out there!


Funny Asian Names

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5Ōkina ha
9Mijikai ashi
11TORa Guu
17Damasa re yasui
19Poop Sha
22Sum Yung Guy
23Gary Chu
24Ah Wong
25Ho Lee Fook
26Wong Lo Kat
27Wong Kong
28Liu Wonton
29Phuc Dat Bich
30Hoi Nam

Funny Asian Names Dirty

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1Sing K. Lee
3Pappa ki Pappu
4Chu Chee
5Sum Ting Wong
6Tan Chuan
7Wee Chai
8Chin Tu Fat
10Bolo Butt
11Motu Milka
12Singing Silak
13PaPa Ki Udi Pari
14Dunnu Farts
20Raj Roja
23Popat Patel
24Jansi ki Chachi
25Gupta Guru
26Zhu Po
27Japan Ki Joker
28Chulbul Pandey
29Park Geun-hye
30Nguyen Phu Trong
31Nguyen Tan Dung

Funny Female & Male Asian Names

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1MeeA common Chinese name, meaning “beautiful” or “charming.”
2Chin-LingA Chinese name that can mean “precious jade” or “smart.”
3Chin-YingA Chinese name that can mean “golden cherry blossom.”
4Choi-MeiA combination of Chinese names, often indicating “beautiful plum.”
5Feng-DiA Chinese name with “Guang” meaning “light” and “zhu” meaning “bamboo.”
6Guang-ZhuA Chinese name with “jiao” possibly meaning “teach” or “educate” and “Deng” meaning “lamp.”
7Hui-LingA Chinese name that can mean “wise and delicate.”
8Ji-LiA Chinese name that can mean “lucky and beautiful.”
9LingA common Chinese name element that can mean “bell” or “sound.”
10Chin-Ying (Repeat)“Chin-Ying” repeats in your list, meaning “golden cherry blossom.”
11Juan-PingA Chinese name with “juan” possibly meaning “beautiful” and “ping” meaning “peaceful.”
12Mei-HuaA Chinese name meaning “beautiful flower.”
13Mei-LingA common Chinese name, often meaning “beautiful bell” or “beautiful sound.”
14Meng-ChuA Chinese name with “meng” possibly meaning “dream” and “chu” meaning “jade.”
15Jiao-DengA Chinese name with “Qiu” meaning “autumn” and “ying” meaning “cherry blossom.”
16Meng-YingA Chinese name with “meng” possibly meaning “dream” and “ying” meaning “cherry blossom.”
17Ping-DiA Chinese name that can mean “peaceful” and “virtuous.”
18MulanA famous Chinese legendary figure known for her bravery and resilience.
19Qiu-YingA Chinese name with “Qiu” meaning “autumn” and “lying” meaning “cherry blossom.”
20Wen-MeiA Chinese name meaning “cultured and beautiful.”
21Shui-YingA Chinese name with “shui” possibly meaning “water” and “ying” meaning “cherry blossom.”
22HamshakalThis name does not have a traditional Asian meaning as it appears to be unrelated.
23PappuchoThis name does not have a traditional Asian meaning as it appears to be unrelated.
24Desh Ki ChorThis name appears to be a phrase in Hindi meaning “Thief of the Country” and is unrelated to traditional names.
25Xia-OilingThis name does not have a traditional Asian meaning as it appears to be unrelated.
26Aung San Suu KyiThe name of a prominent Burmese political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is known for her role in advocating for democracy in Myanmar.
27Nguyen Phu TrongThe name of a Vietnamese politician, Nguyen Phu Trong, who has held significant positions in the Vietnamese government.
28Tsai Ing-WenThe name of Tsai Ing-Wen, the President of Taiwan as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021.
29KyomiThis name does not have a traditional Asian meaning as it appears to be unrelated.
30Moon Jae-InThe name of Moon Jae-In, the President of South Korea as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021.
31ShigeruA Japanese given name, meaning “luxuriant” or “lush.”
32Park Geun-HyeThe name of Park Geun-Hye, a former President of South Korea as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021.
33Kim Jong-NamThe name of Kim Jong-Nam, a half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who was assassinated in 2017.
34Park Geun-Hye (Repeat)“Park Geun-Hye” repeats in your list, referring to the former President of South Korea.
35Chor Key SungThis name does not have a traditional Asian meaning as it appears to be unrelated.
36Chor Key Sung (Repeat)“Chor Key Sung” repeats in your list, and it also does not have a traditional Asian meaning.
37Shinzo AbeThe name of Shinzo Abe, a former Prime Minister of Japan as of my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021.
38The name of Kim Yo-Jong is the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who holds a significant position in North Korea’s government.Refers to the wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, whose name is not publicly disclosed.
39Kim Yo-JongThe name of Kim Yo-Jong, the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who holds a significant position in North Korea’s government.
40Ri Yong-HoThe name of Ri Yong-Ho, a North Korean diplomat and former Foreign Minister of North Korea.
41Raiden LiesThis name appears to be a combination of unrelated elements.
42Jang Song-ThankA misspelling of “Jang Song-Thaek,” who was a North Korean politician and uncle of Kim Jong-Un.
43Pak Pong-JuThe name of Pak Pong-Ju, a North Korean politician who has held various high-ranking positions in the government.
44Hwang Pyong-SoThe name of Hwang Pyong-So, a North Korean military officer and politician.
45Choe Ryong-HaeThe name of Choe Ryong-Hae, a North Korean politician and military officer.
46Jo Myong-RokThe name of Jo Myong-Rok, a North Korean military officer and politician.
47SatoshiA Japanese given name, often associated with the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.
48Jungle Ka MagalThis name appears to be unrelated

Funny Asian names puns

1Yu Ting Yu Hoo? Just who do you think you are?
2Yew How Kien How can you?
3No Poh Bem Easy peasy. No problem.
4Hu Yu Hai Ding Who are you hiding?
5Wai Hang Mi Why hang me?
6Tai Ni Poo Ni Tiny puny or tiny pony?
7Ai Bang Mai Ni I bang my knee!
8Lock An Loh Yeah, man, rock and roll
9No Bai Dam Ting It is too expensive!
10See Yew Soon Till we meet again
11No Tsmo King No smoking!
12Tai Ni Bei Bi Tiny Baby
13Chu Mi Goo Chew my goo!
14Yew Koh Ha Did you call?
15Yeoh Fah De Your father
16Goh Wong Wei Go the wrong way
17Wong Wai Man Wrong way, man
18Yeoh Mah Ther Your mother
19Goh Ah Wei Shoo, leave
20Wai Yew Wei Wong Tai Please wear the correct tie

Funny Asian Dog Names

NumberDog NameMeaning/Association
1SushiA Japanese dish
2PandaThe cute bear from China
3MochiA sweet Japanese treat
4WasabiA spicy Japanese condiment
5SumoJapanese traditional wrestling
6KimchiA Korean fermented vegetable dish
7RamenJapanese noodle soup
8ChopstickUtensils for Asian cuisine
9BonsaiMiniature Japanese trees
10ZenA state of meditation
11TempuraA Japanese deep-fried dish
12Kung PaoA spicy Chinese dish
13NoodleA staple in Asian cuisine
14GyozaJapanese dumplings
15TeriyakiA sweet Japanese sauce
16DumplingCommon in various Asian cuisines
17SakeJapanese rice wine
18TofuA soy-based food
19MisoA Japanese seasoning paste
20SashimiSliced raw fish in Japanese cuisine
21PekingAssociated with Beijing, China
22WontonChinese dumplings
23SoybeanThe source of soy products
24SobaJapanese buckwheat noodles
25TofuA soy-based food
26Bok ChoyA type of Chinese cabbage
27Gai LanChinese broccoli
28LycheeA tropical fruit
29SesameSeeds used in Asian cooking
30SzechuanA spicy Chinese cuisine
31Dim SumA variety of Chinese dishes
32MatchaGreen tea powder
33HoisinA Chinese dipping sauce
34OkonomiyakiJapanese savory pancake
35YuzuA citrus fruit from Asia
36PockyJapanese snack sticks
37DaikonA type of radish
38SobaJapanese buckwheat noodles
39TamarindA sour fruit used in Asian cuisine
40UdonThick Japanese noodles
41DurianA distinctive-smelling fruit
42JackfruitA tropical fruit
43KimonoTraditional Japanese clothing
44LanternTraditional Asian decoration
45OrigamiCitrus fruit from Asia
46Sushi RollA type of sushi dish
47BentoA Japanese lunchbox
48NigiriHand-pressed sushi
49Soy SauceA common Asian condiment
50Sake BombA fun way to drink sake

Funny Asian Food Names

NumberFunny Asian Food NameMeaning
1“Squid Ink Surprise”A playful name for dishes with squid ink.
2“Wonton Wonders”A fun twist on wonton dishes.
3“Rolling in the Sushi Dough”A pun on “rolling in the dough” for sushi lovers.
4“Tofu Tango”Perfect for tofu-based dishes with flair.
5“Dim Sum Delights”Playful name for various dim sum items.
6“Noodle Nirvana”For your favorite noodle dishes.
7“Tempura Tidbits”Fun name for tempura shrimp or veggies.
8“Bao Bonanza”A playful way to describe different bao bun varieties.
9“Bibimbap Boogie”A catchy name for the Korean dish Bibimbap.
10“Miso Happy Soup”A pun on “so happy” for miso soup lovers.
11“Soy Sauce Symphony”A whimsical name for dishes featuring soy sauce.
12“Rice Rhapsody”Celebrating the joy of rice dishes.
13“Sesame Street Eats”A nod to sesame-flavored dishes.
14“Peking Duck Dynasty”A catchy name for the Korean dish is Bibimbap.
15“Kimchi Capers”Adding a touch of excitement to kimchi dishes.
16“Panda Expressions”Play on words with “Peking Duck” and historical references.
17“Chopstick Chronicles”Chronicles of deliciousness with chopsticks.
18“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dumpling”A reference to the famous movie and dumplings.
19“Wasabi Whimsy”Adding a touch of whimsy to wasabi-flavored dishes.
20“Fortune Cookie Funhouse”Embracing the fun of fortune cookies.
21“Dragon Roll Delight”Celebrating the delight of dragon rolls.
22“Spring Roll Serenade”A musical twist on spring rolls.
23“Thai Curry Carnival”Imagining a carnival of Thai curry flavors.
24“Ramen Rendezvous”A rendezvous with your favorite ramen.
25“Tea Time Travels”A journey through various tea-infused dishes.
26“Szechuan Surprise”A surprise in the flavors of Szechuan cuisine.
27“Teriyaki Temptations”Tempting dishes with teriyaki sauce.
28“Mongolian Grill Mayhem”Imagining a chaotic but delicious Mongolian grill.
29“Sushi Symphony”A harmonious blend of sushi flavors.
30“Kung Pao Comedy”Adding humor to the spicy Kung Pao dishes.
31“Pho Phunhouse”Making pho a place of fun and flavor.
32“Sizzling Satay Soiree”A sizzling party of satay skewers.
33“Bok Choy Ballet”A graceful dance of bok choy in dishes.
34“Rice Noodle Romance”Celebrating the romance of rice noodles.
35“Lettuce Wrap Laughter”Adding a touch of humor to lettuce wraps.
36“Papaya Salad Party”A festive gathering of papaya salads.
37“Soba Noodle Serendipity”Finding serendipity in soba noodle dishes.
38“Pineapple Fried Follies”Playful pineapple in fried dishes.
39“Egg Roll Extravaganza”An extravaganza of flavors in egg rolls.
40“Mango Madness”Celebrating the madness of mango dishes.
41“Bamboo Bites”Imagining bites taken from bamboo shoots.
42“Ginger Spice Spectacle”Celebrating the spice of ginger in dishes.
43“Katsu Curry Carnival”A carnival of flavors in katsu curry.
44“Udon Uproar”An uproar of taste in udon dishes.
45“Hot Pot Hilarity”Finding humor in hot pot gatherings.
46“Thai Basil Bash”A bash of Thai basil-infused dishes.
47“Soybean Saga”A storytelling journey with soybeans.
48“Sizzling Sesame Soiree”A sizzling party of sesame-flavored dishes.
49“Teriyaki Twist”Adding a twist to classic teriyaki flavors.
50“Mochi Mania”Imagine what pandas might enjoy eating.

Funny Asian Names – FAQs

Q: Why do some Asian names sound funny in English?

There are a few reasons for this. First, Asian languages have different tonal systems than English, so some names may sound strange to English speakers.

Second, some Asian names have meanings that can be mistranslated or misinterpreted in English.

Finally, some Asian names are simply pronounced differently than English words, which can lead to confusion and laughter.

Is it okay to laugh at funny-sounding Asian names?

It is important to be respectful of all cultures, and that includes respecting people’s names.

If you find yourself laughing at a funny-sounding Asian name, it is best to keep it to yourself.

Are there any funny Asian nicknames?

Fan Nie Ger (Chinese) – Funny girl
Bah Di Foo (Chinese) – Bloody fool
Wai Go Nao (Chinese) – Why go now
Wong Wei Poo (Chinese) – Is there a wrong way to poop?
Shu Man Go (Chinese) – Will you please go?
Yang No Mo (Chinese) – Old
Yew Kien Fatt (Chinese) – You can fart
Fan Nee Gai (Chinese) – Funny guy
Ai Don Keh (Chinese) – I do not care
Tan Kee Yoo (Chinese) – Thank you
Sam Ting Wong (Chinese) – Something wrong
Wah Shing Ka (Chinese) – Washing car
Yow Wei Kam (Chinese) – You are welcome
Yu Ting Tong (Chinese) – You rang?

Why are there so many funny-sounding Asian names in puns?

Puns are a popular form of humor in many cultures, including Asian cultures.

Asian names are often used in puns because they can be pronounced in similar ways to English words and phrases.

What is a good Asian name?

Aiguo. If you are a patriotic person, you may choose Aiguo, as it means ‘patriotic’.

Aki is used both for boys and girls, but sounds good for boys. …
Akeno. This name defies the traditional Asian boy names. …
Ambrocio. …
Amida. …
An. …
Ang: …

How do you address an Asian name?

Chinese often address people in a certain way to express politeness and respect for others. 

To greet a stranger, you would refer to them by their family name followed by xiangsheng (Mr) or nishi (Ms). For example, to greet a man surnamed Huang, you can say: “Huang xiansheng, ni hao (Hello, Mr Huang).”


Funny Asian names can be a source of amusement and laughter. However, it is important to remember that Asian names have meaning and significance to the people who bear them.

It is also important to be respectful of people’s names, regardless of their origin.

If you find yourself laughing at an Asian name, try to remember that the person with that name may have had to deal with teasing and ridicule in the past.

If you are unsure of how to pronounce an Asian name, it is always best to ask the person how to say it.

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